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Yeh Vaada Raha 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Someone delivers some papers to lata, and tai is curious to know what is it. Lata says that these are papers of srikant’s 50%partnership. Tai is enraged and about to say something when they hear kartik’s voice. they turn to find kartik with srikant and survi. lata overwhelmingly rushes to them, and hugs survi. Lata asks shanti to get the stuff. she complies and gets the puja laden thali. Lata says to tai that they have come after a long time, without any miunderstandings. as survi and kartik arrive home, lata intentionally hands the plate of red chillies to tai, saying that she is the eldest and hence she should do the Nazar Utrai ritual for survi too. Tai fumes but resignedly complies, and with venomous rage does the ritual. she also dopes their arti, while lata prays that now everything shall be good. Tai fumes and survi is tensed. kartik asks srikant to come inside. Shanti meanwhile hugs survi. Lata then amusedly gives the plate to tai. Tai says that its her right to burn it off. lata says that she is right, and she doesnt want to claim it either.

In the kitchen, She then burns off the chillies in the kitchen, with pyare behind her, instigating her to take control of the situation before things get out of hand, as if kartik has 50% and srikant has the remaining, then they are left with noghint. tai meanwhile burns all the chillies, and then crushes them into ashes, in frustration and rage, smearing some of the black ash on her forehead, swearing to promise to ruin both survi and lata. Pyare is surprised to see this.

Later, kartik, in front of everyone, apologises tto srikant regarding what happened. Srikant says that its all in the past. He then hands srikant his partnership papers, by lata. he is boggled and asks whats this. Lata says that its his share, as with his income as investment, he has started this all, and reached such heights, and hence he is 50% partner to all this. Srikant is shocked, while tai is angry. kartik eyes survi lovingly. Srikant asks him not to capture their relation with money, as they are pretty happy and they dont need all this. He returns the papers. survi agrees to this too, and says that if they need anything tomorrow, they would ask them, as they are her own, eyeing kartik. tai is relieved. but just then, aniket comes to them, and all are surprised to see him. he comes to them, and thjen also apologises for what he did to her, even though he doesnt deserve forgiveness. Srikant asks him to forget it all, and hugs him. tai is enraged. Pyare asks whats going on, and if aniket is actually his son. lata says that they denied the question of money, but from this day forth, they shall stay together under one roof, with them. Srikant says that they cant, as the society shall question. Kartik says that they are least bothered with it. Srikant says that things have changed, and now he cant have aspersions being cast on her daughter. tai comes and says that its right, as he has a young girl, and there are 2 young guys, then he wouldnt like her daughter’s respect being taunted in the society. Srikant agrees and complies to take leave. Kartik offers to drive them, while they bid goodbye. tai smirks, while lata eyes her tensedly.

As kartik and survi stand outside, srikant goes inside, saying that he forgot his phone. they eye each other awkwardly, and then their hands meet as they try to grasp the suitcase. She refrains and then he picks it up. they start walking, both amused. They reach till the car, when he hesitatingly says that its heavy heat and asks her to sit in the car till srikant comes. his hand grazes past hers, and a romantic eyelock follows. she says that its okay. he then asks her the plan for tomorrow. she says that there’s nothing as such. He asks her to relax, as they are all here, particularly him. he then nudges himself to speak up. mustering his guts, he invites her for dnner at 4:30. she is amused. He rectifies himself, and says that they can have evening coffee, and chat, after which they can have dinner. She says that if srikant agrees, then they can. he says that he was thinking about only two of them. she says that she needs her father’s permission. he readily agrees to take permission, but wonders how to put up the prospect of taking his daughter out on a date to srikant. she is amused as she understands his dilemma. when srikant returns, kartik tries to hesitantly bring forth the idea, but instead blurts out that he can drop them with the car, and insists on it. they comply. survi is amused, and then sits too.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
Srikant and others finally arrive. survi nudges kartik to speak up. before he can, srikant speaks to someone, and gets agitated, saying that all stuff should come safely to the house, talking to the transport company. survi asks him to calm down as all shall be fine. then irritated, Srikant asks whats the matter. Kartik continues fumbling, and then drops the ball in survi’s court, saying that she wishes to speak something and asks her to say so, and not be afraid of srikant, even though he himself is. Srikant asks them to speak up. Survi in scare, starts making up stories too, to enable a meeting tomorrow. kartik complies. srikant agrees. survi’s aunt comes along with simran. Simran hugs survi. The aunt apologises to survi, while survi asks her to let be. she also thanks kartik for bringing survi back. Survi’s aunt says that without survi, this house seemed incomplete without her, and had prayed that she shall keep Satnayaran Katha, when she returns. She gives all responsibilities of the arrangement of the puja to survi only. she agrees but then immediately gets tensed. The screen freezes on both their tensed faces.

Precap: In the car, kartik leans in close to survi, while she shys away, and holds her hand, saying that he wishes to say something, right here, right here. She is highly nervous. Meanwhile, tai asks aniket if he has fallen in love with that girl, and is distraught. Aniket says that he apologised to srikant, so that he could marry survi. Tai is shocked.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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