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Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
ALl are hopeful, as kartik calls survi back. she turns around hopeful of a change of heart on kartik’s part. she goes ahead, but he remembers everything that she and her foolishness put him through, and says that she doesnt deserve to go out with respect, and should instead be dragged out of the house, being the murderer of the daughter of the house. she is shocked. he wrenches her hand, and then holding her, he takes her out, and throws her on the road, while srikant follows behind, dishevelled and distraught. survi too rememebrs how their relatinship started and finally ended.

By the evening, tai comes to kartik’s room, and finds him depressed. he asks whats the matter. she asks if he doesnt know, and begs him to learn from her, as she has been punished badly for her sins, and asks him to understand what he did, and where is this going, and how could he insult her so badly, and throw survi out. she says that everyone knows he loves her since childhood, and that he shouldnt have done this. he begs her to stop, and asks her not to name survi in this house, as survi was and not is his wife. tai says that relations dont break easily, and gives her own example, saying that when he didnt leave her, after whatever she did, how could he have thrown survi out. she reminds him that he is sinning, and she wont let him do that, and asks him to come along to get survi back. he begs her not to , and asks her to go out, and leave her alone. she is hurt and says that not just the room, but from the house too. he calls her. she says that she doesnt wish to stay in a place, where she isnt respected. he asks her to leave then, if they think that survi is right, anyone else is welcome to leave too, if they think survi is right. Tai goes out. pyare rushes after her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
survi and srikant are walking aimlessly on the road, obivious that the kidnapper is coming from the opposite ends of the road, with the daughter in his hand. they cross each other, and just then, the child starts crying. survi instinctively looks back. the kidnapper hastily rushes away from there. srikant takes her from there. the kidnapper meanwhile hands a woman the child, and asks her to come at the godown at 5 in the evening, or else he shall be caught with the child. meanwhile the police spots him, and rush after him, while he escapes. the inspector informs this to kartik, who is surprised to hear this. the police says that they wont let him get away again. kartik gets enraged. he says that whatever happens, he needs to have the kidnapper, so that he can give him a punishment for what he did to them. Kartik is enraged. the police complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Undisclosed Location
the kidnapper paces around nervously. someone lurks behind. In the shed, the kidnapper talks to his master, tht a huge trouble has been created, as one of his members is dead, and tht they didnt get 5 crores even, who comes out of hiding, and its revealed that its Pyare. he says that the police has seen him too. he then calls his own master and tai comes inside, revealing that its been her plan all along. pyare asks him to hear from her whats the next step. the kidnapper asks who is she. she identifies herself, and says that this is all her plan. she says that she wanted the child, to be the reason of their separation, as the child only brought them together. she says that she had no damn amnesia, but pretended to have forgotten everything, so as to save her own skin, or else it would have been her the end too. she says that she paid the ultimate sacrifice of taking the bullet for survi. she says that she had thought that she would die, as she had wanted to aim for the hand, but landed behind the brain. she says that she played the game in the hospital, of having had memory loss, and kartik and survi, being innocent souls, got trapped yet again, and forgave all her sins. she says that what happened thereafter was known to everyone. she tells that only pyare knew. she says that she shall handle everything, and asks him to leave by the Mumbai Central train. he asks what about the child. she says that she shall pay for the parents. he asks if she should be killed too. she slas him tight saying, that it isnt her fault at all, as she is highly unlucky, to bear only pain. she then picks the child, and narrates what she did to her parents. she asks her to keep this in mind too, and that this child shouldnt return back to Mumbai at any cost. she casts evil off her, and says that she isnt at fault, but her destiny is, as she was born to kartik and survi, who have tai in their lives. she burns the pic of survi and kartik, and then viciously eyes it, saying that the child did what she couldnt do, and that this Khushi shall strip them of all their happiness. she hands him money and ticket, and asks him to take the child away from here forever.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Back at his home, kartik is enraged as she sees their pic together, and remembers what she did. he is frustrated and fuming with rage. tai comes and eyes him evilly, from a distance, and then faking tears in her eyes, she comes to him, while he is visibly disturbed. she comes and tells him that she made a huge mistake, as he identified her correctly, and that she went to survi, to apologise and get her back anyhow. she says that she has never seen a bahu with such malideas in her mind about the family. Tai tells kartik that survi could degrade so low, she had no idea. she says that she should have listened to him. he is instigated and enraged by her words, and he asks her what survi said. she says that she has cursed him, and that its full of hatred, and that such a curse, noone gives to their enemy too. he gets tensed. she says that survi cursed him that he shall never be happy. he says that he shall show her that he can be happy without her too, and reprimands her for going. she says that she had to see the truth for herself. She asks him to stay away from survi, as a person who can talk such things about her own husband, isnt a good bahu. she says that she wouldnt want survi to step back foot in the house and that she wouldnt let him also to ever see her face or be in touch with her. she finds that he is gettng influenced and asks him to promise. he promises her that he would never keep a promise with survi at any cost, whatsoever. she eyes him victoriously. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kartik gets a call from the police, and gets to know that he needs to come to the railway station, as the kidnapper was spotted there. kartik says that he shall reach there. while the kidnapper is in the train, kartik arrives at th platform. the kidnapper places the baby, and steathily gets down the train. meanwhile, as kartik approaches the cmpartment, he hears the sound of his child crying, and is startled, oblivious, that their own child is in survi’s lap, who is in the train, with srikant, she hersef oblivous that she is holding her own child.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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