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Yeh Vaada Raha 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
Survi and kartik are dishearteneed at their plan being cancelled due to the satyanarayan Katha. Kartik takes leave. Art night, he waits anxiously for survi’s call, and they then decide to meet at 4, while survi tensedly, talks lest simran sleeping in the same room gets to know. He isd about to confess about his love hesitantly, when she has to cancel the call, as simran wakes up. Then she gets a message and makes an excuse about that too. Simran doses off. he asks via msg why the ph cut off. She replies, and then msgic conversation starts. They both smile, as they lie down in bed to remember the old moments together.

the next morning, the satyanarayan katha is on in full swins, and survi completes all preparations for it. they perform the puja, while kartik only has eyes for survi, and nudges her to hurry up to come along, while she hesitates. Aniket too eyes survi lovingly, and tai follows his gaze and is shocked. Then survi serves everyone food, along with simi. Aniket is unable to keep his eyes off her. He patiently waits while survi is done with all the work, while aniket’s gazing seems to irk tai now. Finally, unable to control herself, she takes him to a separate room. Survi, after finishing all the work, asks permission to leave and gets it from srikant. kartik leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Tiger point and kartik’s residence
survi arrives and then calls kartik, who says that he is at home, since she ruined his plan. to call his bluff, she says that she shall go then, since he isnt coming. he gets alert and asks her to wait as he is coming right away. She is amused. then she turns around to find a policeman staring at her and asking her whats the matter. kartik comes and then reprimands her in front of the policeman for being so careless, and a*s her to sit in the car, while distracting the policeman. He too leavea. kartik is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai reminds aniket of the way srikant killed his father and handicapped heim, then why was he talking care of survi, and also apologised to srikant. tai asks aniket if he has fallen in love with that girl, and is distraught, when he doesnt respond. Aniket says that he apologised to srikant, so that he could marry survi. Tai is shocked. he says that he wishes to marry survi.

Scene 4:
Location: on the road, in the car
Kartik and survi are amused and her hand falls on his casually while laughing, and he gets startled. she too notices later, and then finds other couples canoodling, and they both awkward of each other’s presence. the radio starts playing weird romantic songs too. he eyes her lovingly, while she shyly looks away. kartik leans in close to survi, while she shys away, and holds her hand, saying that he wishes to say something, right here, right here. She is highly nervous..2 just then, they are interrupted by a salesman, while she is amused, as he doesnt wish to buy anything. But when he notices survi smiling, he purchases from him. then they eye each other yet again. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: By the bonfire, kartik tells survi, that he shall come to her house, to ask for her hand from srikant. he then drapes his jacket around her to keep her warm, as they sit around the bonfire. Later, at home, Kartik tries to hard to struggle them apart, as tai lunges at aniket’s throat. he asks whats the matter. tai blurts out that aniket loves survi and wishes to marry her. He is shocked and stunned.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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