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Yeh Vaada Raha 11th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Meher and kartik arrive back home, while ranvir and tai come later. they discuss while kartik is visibly enraged, at the fact that survi didnt gree to his decision. survi comes and tells them, with kishore, that she wont go anywhere and that she shall be here only. he eyes her enraged, while she to thinks thst she has no option but to live here, so as to be next to her husband. ranvir asks why snt she going, as she shall have all the facilities there too. survi is adamant though. Before they can discuss anything else, The police comes to their house, and then says that thy have come to rrest him due to rahul’s death. they are all shocked. survi is boggled, and kartik winks at her. she is still perplexed. when meher jumps to his defense, she is also taken into custody that its her first husband itself. kartik pretends to be aghast and shocked, and reprimands her severely, while she feigns innocence, innocently telling him that she isnt implicated. but he takes her by force, and then jerks her hand and tales her to their room. inside, in his anger, he jersk the same way, that she had done to survi, while ranvir is hassled outside. he thretens that he shall have to pay for this. but kartik continues to talk about his and meher’s betrayal. finally, they open the door, and then the police gets meher and then they both are taken away and out.

after they leave, kartik says that they had promised that the brother sister duo shall be exposed, and he managed to do it. survi asks if tey wre behind this. he complies and tells everything, as to how they alerted the police. she is aghast and says that they did wrongly, as there is no evidence to prove that they did it, but being influential, they shall get out, and then become more alert. he is distrssed and lashes at her instead, that she neednt tell him what to do, as she doesnt do whats told. he says that he shall do as and when, what pleases him. survi is distresed. she instinctively feels something, and goes out, and finds ranvir and meher happily sending the police away. then shanti comes back from the temple in a car. they receive her and then walk back towards inside. survi hurriedly narrates the same to kartik who is tensed. they find meher coming in with tai, shnti and ranvir. she reprimands him for believing the fake news and being angry at her. but ranvir calms her down, that kartik made an innocent genuine mistake. she then leaves with them, to shnti’s room.

After they are gone, survi says that this what she was scared of. he says that now they need t act more solid and full proof. survi says that she is with him, in whatever help he needs. Kartik wrenches her hand away and says that he doesnt need her help, as he shall act alone, and not place her at all in danger, so that her child is safe. she say that he cares for the child, and she for their child then why is he angry. he asks her not to, as he can take care of heerself, and begs her not to argue on this, as this is her final decision. survi is tensed.

Meanwhile, rnvir treats shanti the sae way, that meher was treated, while she winces in pain. tai and meher gleefully watch. he warns shanti not to say anything. she is petriified. he assures meher that no one shall ever find her connection with rahul. Meher is assured that shanti wont open her mouth at all and she doesnt want kartik to land in a freezer like rahul. se is scard and complies. meher says tht they need to find out who is behind them. ranvir says that she neednt worry, as he would find out, but more importantly, he neeeds to dispose off the body, so that it doesnt cause problems. Tai sys that tomorrow is akshaya tritiya and a fresh and lucky day too, and in the next 24 hours, they should finish the rahul story entirely, so that a new story can start. meher and ranvir watch er, while shanti is scared. The screen freezes on survi, rnvir and kartik’s tensed faces.

Precap: Kartik prays to the lord, and does the arti, while festivities and dancing are on in full swing. meanwhile, on the road, survi and kishore run frantically, trying to desperately catch a vehicle.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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