Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th November 2017 Written Update: Naina And Sameer Play Romantic Antakshiri

The Episode starts with Sameer asking Munna and Pandit to come and says he will fulfill the bet in Mount Abu. Swati tells Naina that she vacated the place so that she can sit with Sameer and talk, but Rakesh made Sameer sit in other bus. Naina gets upset and moves the window. Swati asks her not to take out anger on her. Rakesh tells Shanti teacher that they shall make kids follow discipline. She says they are on picnic. Rakesh says he will go and bring some books from library. Pandit gets an idea and shares with Munna and Sameer. Sameer says Rakesh is Naina’s father and she will get upset. Pandit says even Naina don’t want him to come with us and is sad. Sameer looks at naina’s sad face. Voiceover tells that she got to know after many years that Sameer was confused at that time
about her. Munna and Pandit comes behind Rakesh. Rakesh thinks he forgot to take the books and takes book. Munna and Pandit lock the door while Rakesh calls for help. Shanti teacher tells driver that they will leave after Rakesh sir comes.

Sameer comes inside Naina’s bus and tells Teacher that Principal said that he can sit in this bus. Shanti teacher says yes. Principal asks Munna and Pandit where is Rakesh sir. They say he sat in other bus with his son. Principal tells poetry. Munna tells Sameer that Rakesh sir sat in other bus. The bus starts. Sameer sits infront of Naina. Her voiceover tells that thank god in those days mobile was not there, else papa would have called shanti teacher and might have informed that he is not in bus. Rakesh comes behind the bus and falls down. Sameer asks Naina to tell the three magical words. Naina says mausam is suhana. They start antakshiri. Sameer wears his cap and sits relaxing while Naina sings song. He then sings song. They sing confessing their love…..

Shefali calls Tai ji and asks her to tell Arjun that she can’t go for cricket practice as she is unwell. Tai ji asks if she will not come for tuition. Shefali says she will come to teach tuition. Arjun comes there. Tai ji asks don’t he feel ashamed to teach shefali and take money. Arjun asks what is wrong in it and goes. Tai ji asks him to listen her message, but sees him gone already.

Arjun comes to the field and says shefali haven’t come till now. His friends pass dirty remarks on her. Arjun gets angry. Naina sings a song. Munna says we haven’t heard this song. Sameer also makes a song for Naina. They say there was no such song. Naina says she heard the song in which there a guy with long hairs. Munna says his heroine used to come on cycle behind him. Naina smiles. Voiceover says in those days internet was not there, else they would had caught. They made their own songs and were coming closer.

Bela sings him tum song and thinks to wear old nighty. She thinks she won’t let the chance go from her hand and thinks Pooja, preeti and Naina are not in the house. She thinks to call Chacha. Naina sings main na bolungi….their friends ask them to sing song which they heard…Sameer sings aate jaate…and stops from confessing his love.

Swati asks Naina, how she will find out that Sameer’s love is for marriage or time bus. The bus tyre gets punctured. Shanti teacher asks kids to be together and not to go far. Naina goes to jungle. Swati informs Sameer that Naina haven’t returned, it seems she is missing.

Written Update by H Hasan

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