Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Serial

Karthik  (Mohsin Khan) tells Naira (Shivangi Joshi) that she was right, Naksh and Keerti’s match is perfect. She tells him that she is super excited to attend the Tilak Ceremony. She tells him that she is thankful to Dadi for changing the rules for her. Dadi calls Naira and asks her not to feel bad as she is doing all this just for her family. Naira tells her that she totally understands. Dadi gets happy that Naira understood the seriousness of the matter and didn’t argue. Karthik tells Naira that he is hungry and asks her to cook something for her. They spend some romantic moments in the kitchen.Designer calls Naira and tells her that Naksh’s sherwani is not ready. Karthik asks her to go to the shop and get it done herself. She reaches Singhanias’ house. Everyone gets excited to see her and ask her to get ready. Suhasini asks Suvarna to console Naira and make her understand why can’t she attend the ceremony. Goenkas reach Singhanias’ house and get shocked to see Naira there. Suhasini gets upset to see Naira. Naira asks about Suvarna and Surekha. Suhasini reminds her that ladies are not allowed to attend Tilak ceremony. Naira gets scared. Suhasini says she didn’t stop her from attending it as it’s her brother’s Tilak ceremony. Naira gets surprised. Rajashri thanks her for allowing Naira to come. Bua Dadi says that she has not done a favour on them as they will have to bow down in front of them as they are from the boy’s family.Everyone welcomes them inside. Suvarna teaches Keerti how to cook Kheer. Naira calls Suvarna and informs her that she is at Singhanias’ house. She tells her that Dadi is looking upset and asks her if she has done some mistake. Suvarna asks her to enjoy the Tilak ceremony. Naira goes and asks Dadi if there is some problem. Dadi asks her to have fun.


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