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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2017 Written Update: Raghav Takes Santa’s Disguise

The Episode starts with Kartik coming as Santa and dancing with everyone. Bum bum bole….plays…. he goes to Suwarna and says Raghava called me at highway. She asks how will you go now. He asks her to manage. She stops Naira and takes her away. He sees Manish in front. Naira says where did our Santa go. Suwarna says Kartik would be around. Naksh says he is there. Suwarna sees Santa and says why did Kartik not go till now. Akhilesh stops her and asks her for a USB. He says its very imp, please come, I want it now. They go. Raghav dances as Santa. Kartik is on the way. Raghav sees Naira dancing. He sees Dadi….. Kartik’s car breaks down. He checks the car. He sees the fuel leakage and says I have to reach there on time, Raghav can call Naira or anyone else. He runs on
the road. Raghav passes by. Naira says Kartik has applied strange deo.

Kids take her. Kartik says I have to end this any how. Raghav goes to Dadi. She asks did he get any gift for her. He gives her a gift. She thanks him and asks what’s inside. He thinks this has hospital paper which has Naira’s name. He goes. She says I will see what Kartik gifted me. Dadi gets Guru ji’s call and goes. Naira goes to Santa. Raghav avoids her. She says he is acting pricey now. Kartik tells Suwarna that he didn’t reach yet. She says I was not in hall, I went to get pendrive, come back fast, I will try to ask Manish. She doesn’t see Santa. She goes to Manish and asks something.

Dadi asks Kirti to concentrate on her marriage, than other things. Devyaani and Rajshri come. They like the decorations. Manish calls Kirti. Rajshri asks is Kirti happy. Devyaani asks did she tell about boutique, she is working hard to fulfill her dreams. Dadi says her responsibility should be her husband and house, she never did this before. Devyaani says we are with her, don’t worry. They go. Dadi says my worry won’t end, I have to do something.

Raghav sees the box with Naira. She goes. Raghav looks for the box. Lav and Kush ask him who is he. Raghav says Kartik went out for work, he has called me here, if Tina knows, I mean Naira, she shouldn’t know, go now, else surprise will get spoiled. They leave. He finds the box. Naksh sees the Santa and thinks what happened to him. Devyaani says they have ordered rum cake. Rajshri says Ananya wrote about it in her blog. Baisa asks why did they add wine in cake. They stop Bau ji from eating it. Rajshri says this has rum cake. Dadi comes and clears the misunderstanding, that its plum cake. Devyaani says sorry, I didn’t know. Baisa asks Naksh to have the cake, its sugar free. Kartik says Raghav called me and didn’t turn up here. Naira asks Lav and Kush to finish the snacks, till she meets Santa. They ask her not to disturb Santa. She goes.

They call Kartik and ask him to come back fast, else Naira will know about fake Santa. Kartik asks fake Santa. They say you have sent him, he said if Tina knows this… Kartik asks did he say Tina. They say yes. Kartik gets shocked. The gift box falls. Many walk over it. Naira picks the box. Kartik runs to get lift. He gets lift. He calls Suwarna. She doesn’t see the incoming call. He says I can’t even tell anyone else about this. Naira opens the box. She gets shocked seeing the abortion report. Raghav looks on.

Sakshi burns the report. Dadi gets the leftover piece and asks Naira about her abortion. Everyone gets shocked.

Written Update by Amena

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