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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone being on the way and singing. They sing and dance on….Nazre milana nazre churana………. and enjoy the trip. Kartik’s start imagining romance with Naira. yeh rishta kya kehlata hai……………plays…………. He goes to front seat and asks her for a kiss. She refuses. He goes towards the windglass and asks for a kiss. She smiles and kisses on the glass. He kisses her lip impressions. His imagination ends by a jerk. Naira asks is everyone fine. Kartik says yes. Naira scolds the guys who overtook their jeep and disturbed them.

Naksh says I will drive, we should beware of road rage. Naira says I m fine, I can drive. the guys ask Naira to come and have a race, does men have mehendi in hands that girl is riding. Kartik says they are dogs, let them bark. Naksh says we would have showed them if sisters were not along. Kartik says they are drunk, we should avoid them, they will go. Ananya asks shall we change ways. Naksh says no, don’t worry, I promise I will make you reach safe. Kartik and Vivaan also promise.

The guys say these men are just showpiece, it will be fun to race with this girl. Naira speeds the jeep. Kartik and Naksh ask her to stop. Everyone shout. Kartik moves the wheel and takes the car to a corner. Naksh asks Mishti is she fine.

Kartik scolds Naira and asks are you mad, will you drive like this angrily, will you do rash driving when anyone irritates you, why did you drive like this when they provoked and challenged you, what about us who encouraged you, you want to prove yourself better, go alone and hit anyone, we will not sit in your car, you don’t take responsibility of other’s life, its my mistake to trust you and give you chance to drive. She scolds him and asks you feel you are superior, there is no difference in between you and those guys. He says we trust you and gave you keys, anger should be in control, if person crosses limit, person is not in senses, what would happen if brakes were not applied. She says we would have died, why are you showing favor.

He asks her to stop it and shouts on her. He says I felt you will change and get normal by coming back in family, you are still wild cat of Rishikesh, you have no control on tongue and mind. She calls him coward, and asks shall we hear to anyone silently. He says is this way to give reply. She asks who are you to say. He says if someone shows right way, your ego will come in between. She says I did not know I will lose steering, I will not bear this if you show me low infront of my family. She cries and apologizes to everyone for her big mistakem I felt bad that those guys were commenting bad on us.

Kartik smiles and was holding her. Naksh hugs her and consoles her, saying such love is not good that ends sense. Everyone ask Naira not to think of this. Naksh says we will forget this and not tell at home, Mishti stop crying, everything is fine. Naira holds ears and apologizes to Kartik. He smiles. She asks him to drive. He says yes, and asks her to sit back. They leave.

Everyone reach the resort. Naksh says this is Kartik’s friend’s resort. The manager asks Kartik about leaving family business. Naira comes and Kartik asks him to just give keys. Kartik asks her not to make puppy face, you look good as a lioness, and jokes on her. She says you need electric shocks. They argue. She says I would have killed you. He says my luck is good I got saved today, else many girls’ hearts would have broken. The staff sees them and thinks they are husband and wife.

Naira gets a call. The lady says single room is not free, shall I give double room. Naira says yes, give anything. They get keys and argue. Ananya asks them how much will they argue and takes Naira. Kartik tells Mishti that Naira fights too much. Mishti says now you love her and can’t do anything about it. He says yes, whatever it is, its just mine.

Naira goes to room. Kartik says I reached here and thanks his friend. Nannu is also on call and talks to his friend. Kartik goes to room and says I will get ready fast and spend much time with Naira. He dances in the room. He sees a dress on the bed. He hears sound and hides. He sees Naira coming from bathroom and says is this her room, but I have keys, how did I get stuck, I will clear everything, she will doubt on me, Naksh will kick me. Naira says my hair got bad, and takes shampoo from bag. It falls down. She gets a call and talks to Akshara. Kartik thinks Akshara saved me and rolls bottle towards her. Naira sees shampoo bottle near her feet. He wishes she does not think anything. She is about to take off her top. He says Naira and turns face. She gets shocked seeing him.

Naira scolds Kartik. She says I will take revenge, you came in my room and saw me changing, I will come in your room and see you changing. He smiles.

Written Update by Amena

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