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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira dancing and looking happy. Ek albeli….plays…………Akshara sees Naira’s pic and crows her with floral garlands. She cries and asks where are you Naira, why did you leave me and go away, please come back. I know my voice will reach you some day, you will come back, I promise I won’t let you go back, but when will that day come, I have been waiting for this day since long. She thinks Naksh came and says sorry, I will come to give breakfast. She turns and sees Naitik. He asks for extra charger. She says I will give. He asks when does she have doctor appointment. She says today, how was your work. He says meeting went well, Naman will handle other things. She asks will you stay back. He says no, I came for Gayu’s birthday.

He gives her children’s NGO list on Gayu’s name, she can send help to them, I have send donations to some yesterday. She thinks how long will he hide his pain. He thinks some pain is good to be hidden. He goes. She thinks Naira come back for your Papa atleast, if not for me.

Naira is at the bridge. Akshara sees the same bridge pic and asks who kept this here. Naira is with her friend and laughs. Akshara does the aarti. Gayu hears her and cooks food. Akshara stops the aarti. Gayu removes headphones and asks why did you stop singing aarti. Akshara cries and hugs her. Naitik looks on. Gayu says I know you are missing Naira a lot. Akshara says sorry. Gayu says don’t say sorry again, you all gave me love, even I miss my parents and Naira. Akshara says I feel strange these days. Gayu says maybe we will get news about her and hugs her.

Inspector comes there and says they got some clue about Naira. They all get glad. Naitik asks where is she. Inspector says she is in UP. Akshara asks where in UP, who has seen her. Inspector says there is tourist spot, people go for yatra, but people have seen your daughter doing some wrong work there. Naira tells the shopkeeper that she will fool some people and get at his shop. Akshara asks can we go and meet her. Inspector says yes, first we have to confirm its her, we will show you, local police is after her and will catch her, we can see her live here.

Police passes by Naira and stops her. Naira gets tensed seeing police. Akshara and everyone see live feeds of the girl’s arrest. Akshara says she is not Naira. Naira recalls the inspector’s words and Akshara. Inspector goes. Naira gets relieved. Akshara says I can identify my daughter, I know she is not Naira. Inspector says the girl will change in all these years. Akshara says this girl has birthmark on her face. Naitik describes Naira’s face and goes.

Akshara starts feeling unwell. Naksh goes to her. Bau ji thanks inspector. Inspector says we also want your granddaughter to be found soon, and this case to end. Naitik goes to Naira’s room and cries. He says I was happy to get my princess back, but you are playing hide and seek, I will not lose, I will find you, we will meet very soon princess. He tries putting missing message online and gives his contact.

Naira tells the bridge story to the people. Another tourist guide Sandhu sees Naira, and makes fun of her. She argues with him. She says I need money and can do anything for it. Gayu gives medicines to Akshara. Devyaani says Akshara gets attack every year when this day comes, when Naira left us. Akshara gets sad.

Akshara tells Bhabhimaa about special puja brochure. Bhabhimaa asks her to book tickets, she will go there for puja. Akshara says I got some hope and felt they will get Naira this time.

Written Update by Amena

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