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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode begins with Devyaani stopping the engagement. She suggests how did Sameer’s spouse and children not have trouble that Rashmi can be a divorcee. Devyaani shows the rehab centre type and suggests Sameer is often a drunkard, don’t know will he adjust or not. Bhabhimaa is shocked. Devyaani gets angry on Sameer. She asks Bhabhimaa to inquire Sameer. Naitik asks Sameer is this all real. Bau ji asks Sameer to convey one thing. Sameer states Sure, its genuine. All of them get shocked.

Naitik asks Sameer why did he not tell him ahead of. Devyaani says its since we would refuse Sameer. She tells Rashmi that she will be able to bear this ache than lifelong discomfort. Bhabhimaa asks Sameer why did he do that and cries. Devyaani claims Rajshri and I requested his sisters about his relationship, and no-one informed us. His sister will get offended and argues with Devyaani.

Devyaani claims request Sameer did he tell Rashmi or any one of us concerning this, Sameer has cheated us and broke Rashmi’s heart. Akshara says Sameer has not broke everyone’s heart and he did not lie and conceal this, I understand every thing relating to this. They all get stunned. Gayu suggests Naira allow me to go, what can be The explanation that Devyaani stopped the engagement. Naira says I m sure its smaller make any difference, we must not Feel A lot. Gayu needs every little thing goes on perfectly. Akshara states Rashmi understood the truth and that also, just before me. FB exhibits Akshara supplying tea to Sameer. She asks what is he composing. He states he is trying to thank Rashmi for agreeing to marry me.

He claims he won’t believe in retaining secret, Rashmi knows everything about me, fantastic and undesirable, also about my ingesting habit, in fact another person close to me died, I could not deal with the agony and started drinking, then my sisters assisted me and sent me in rehab centre, I m entirely off it, I advised this to Rashmi infront of Rama, I feel Naitik also is familiar with, he is so decent and fantastic and did not request me. Akshara states possibly he believed why to spoil existing as a result of past, Everybody does miscalculation, fewer individuals accept oversight and rectify it. Rashmi thanks Akshara for knowing, Absolutely everyone has past, even I’d past, we don’t have any issue. Sameer promises Akshara that He’ll normally hold Rashmi and Gayu joyful.

Rashmi says I realized this. Devyaani asks Akshara how would they learn about it, why did she not convey to them, does she truly feel Rashmi is stress, does she not have right to get joyful. Akshara asks why is she indicating. Devyaani asks does our viewpoint not matter, many of us trust you, will you decide everything, why did you not give thought to Rashmi’s happiness. Akshara claims I take care of her joy, so I claimed Certainly for this proposal, its eight yr outdated point. Rashmi says I stopped Akshara, I understood you all will object to this, its challenging to quit consuming, his sisters served him, he has explained to me a few years back.

The sisters praise Sameer. Devyaani states the rehab file reveals Sameer has stayed past thirty day period there. Akshara claims Sure, Sameer goes there as being a counselor to aid the clients who are still having problem as a consequence of their consuming routine. Bau ji asks Sameer why did he not convey to them. Rashmi says I truly feel it does not make a difference. Devyaani claims there are several good reasons, he will get several calls and talks like Sweety, honey…

The sisters claims its our nicknames. Devyaani asks with regard to the loan. Sameer suggests its my office loan, I instructed Rashmi about this. Sameer suggests I regret that you simply didn’t clear doubts with us, I’m able to’t keep my picture crystal clear now. Rashmi suggests Sameer is sweet, we will’t punish him eternally for his past, no-one has right to misunderstand me. Akshara says we did not see Sameer’s intentions, Anyone deserves a next chance, why not Sameer.

Naksh claims I feel we must always see that Sameer enjoys Rashmi and will keep her satisfied, we must always give him an opportunity. Bhabhimaa says yes, Everybody does slip-up, I also did a slip-up therefore you all gave me next opportunity to have united loved ones. Rajshri apologizes. Sameer suggests its fantastic to get sure, now I can even turn into a daughter’s father, I hope I become a caring parent like you all. Bau ji says We are going to get started engagement. Maharaj claims pandit is coming late. Sameer’s sister receives indignant for this insult. They terminate the engagement. Naitik and Bau ji apologize. The sisters inquire Sameer to come to a decision if he receives engaged to Rashmi, he has to break relations with them. He will get stunned.

Bau ji says Sameer think again, we are sorry. His sister scolds the family and says you let us live in peace.

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