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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik arguing. Kartik holds her as she slips. Kartik says I know you are doing this to make me lose the job. He drops her on the bed. She screams. He signs her to not shout and leaves from her room. Gayu sees Kartik leaving and stops him. Mishti and Gayu have a talk to him. He talks sweetly to Mishti. Gayu smiles and he leaves. Its morning, Naira eats apple and it gets stuck in her throat. Akshara rushes to her and gets much worries. Naira says don’t worry mumma, I m fine. Akshara and everyone hear mumma from Naira and smile. Naira goes.

Dadi asks Rajshri to get items from market. Happy tells about many new shops. Rajshri says we will go and shop. She asks Ananya to come for shopping. Ananya refuses. Ranveer asks Ananya to go. Kohli and his wife hear them and are glad entire family is going for shopping and leaving from home. Akshara writes the diary about Naira calling her mumma for the first time. Everyone look on and smile. Akshara says I m sharing this happiness with Naitik by writing diary as he is not here, I will share happiness with him when he comes here. Devyaani says we can see happiness on your face. Bau ji says women find reasons to cry even in happiness. Gayu says we will have sweets to celebrate. Akshara thinks if Naira is happy by calling me mumma. Naira throws pillows and says I could not control myself, why did I call her mumma.

Akshara gives good news to Rajshri. Rajshri says this had to happen some day. Akshara says yes. Rajshri says we are going for shopping, we will take Naira and Gayu along. Akshara says I don’t want to upset Naira now, Gayu and I will come, I won’t force Naira. Naira sees Naitik’s words and cries recalling his words. She says in which promise did you tie me, you left me, if you were here, I would have managed anyhow. Gayu, Naksh and Mishti come and ask her to come for shopping, Rajshri and Varsha are also coming. Naira refuses. Mishti asks her to come. Naira says I know Akshara is going there, I won’t come. Gayu says we are going on Rajshri’s call. They all convince and take her. Naksh hugs his sisters. Rajshri and Varsha are leaving.

Kohli looks on and says Kartik is calling me, what to do. His wife says you manage him, I will make them busy in talk. Kartik is outside the house. Kohli meets Kartik and asks him to come after some time. Kartik says its limit, you are making me leave again, I won’t come now. Kohli says there are still paying guests. Kohli’s wife keeps everyone busy. Kohli shows the room to Kartik. Kartik likes the room. Kohli asks for advance. Kartik greets Vishwamber and asks do you also stay here. Vishwamber says yes, but who are you. He gets a call and goes. Kohli asks Kartik not to roam around, pest control is going on. Kartik gives him advance. Kohli sees Naira and Akshara coming, and shows other exit way to Kartik. Kartik leaves.

Ananya asks Ranveer for money for Mishti’s dress. He says I gave you money that day, you got many gifts and now. She says sorry, I want some money now. Akshara and Naira hear them, and hide. Ranveer says manage in whatever you have and goes. Kids plan to take treat from Ananya. Akshara and Naira say we don’t want to go on shopping. Varsha asks why. Akshara and Naira manage to help Mishti with altering her dress. She says I know tailoring work, as people don’t give clothes in charity by checking size. Akshara and Naira sit to alter the dress. Everyone smile. Naira says its ready. Everyone clap and compliment Naira’s talent. they all like the dress.

Gayu shows the jacket to Naira. Naira says its easy work, I can make it too, why did you spend 2000rs on it. Akshara says I m glad Naira got mature, but I feel sad that she has spent tough time, she knows value of 50rs. Rukmani comes there with Nandini. They happily meet Naira, and hug her. Rukmani says congrats Akshara, you got result of your good deeds, and I m getting punished for my bad deeds. Akshara asks what happened. Rukmani says I have stained you all years ago, I did not know this will happen with us, Sanju came in Naksh’s life, I taunted you, Sanju did not do anything, but other foreign lady is after Yash, he is adamant to marry her.

Akshara tells Kartik that Naira liked to dance, if we can join this academy with orphanage kids then…. He likes the idea. Naira gets the dance academy papers with Kartik

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