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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla telling Manoj about Shagun. She feels she should apologize to Shagun again. Raman and Ishita come home and talk to Manoj. Mrs. Bhalla says I would like to cook pakodas for Shagun, which she liked a lot. Manoj says I have a flight, I m going away for 2 days, I will take a leave. He greets them and leaves. Neelu asks Mrs. Bhalla to take Rohit. Ishita takes Rohit and looks at Raman.

Suraj fumes on Raman and Bhalla family. He says I will ruin them. Khosla says I have put pressures on Bala. He goes. Suraj says Ishita, its time you see your sister and Jija’s ruining. Romi asks Neelu about Rohit. Neelu says Ishita took him, shall I get him. He says no, I will go there. Raman and Ishita talk about Rohit, who is not Romi’s son. Ishita says we have to tell truth to Romi. He says we will tell when time comes, they can’t bear it. She says Romi can know from anyone else, when he knows Sarika cheated him, as Romi can’t become father. Romi hears all this and gets shocked.

Bala gets a call and man tells him that its bad news for him. Appa asks Bala what happened. The man tells Bala that Khosla is not his loan guarantor now, so Bala has to return money within a month. Bala gets shocked. Khosla smiles. The man says bank can’t help you and ends call. Bala tells Appa that his business partner ditched me. Khosla informs this to Suraj. Suraj says make sure Bala can’t repay loan, don’t let him get back the house, let him come on road and suffer, like my brother is suffering in jail.

Romi comes to his room and cries seeing Sarika’s pic. Romi throws the things angrily. Raman and Ishita hear Romi screaming. Raman says I will talk to him. Ishita says I will talk and gives Rohit to Raman. Ishita goes to Romi and sees the things messed up and broken. Romi asks why did Sarika do this and cries. Ishita asks Romi to hold himself for his son. Romi asks her is Rohit my son…. I don’t know whose child is Rohit, from where did Sarika get him, why should I raise him.. Ishita says don’t bring your hatred for Sarika on him, its your child, when people don’t get children, they adopt a child, Ruhi and Adi are my children. Rohit is your lovely child, how did you end love with him now. Romi says he is not my child, I recall Sarika’s cheat seeing him. I m not great like you, I don’t have anything now. She says you have your son, Sarika is gone, but Rohit is here. He cries and says I don’t want this child, leave this child back, I hate Sarika and this child, leave me alone. He goes out and sees Rohit.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi what happened. Romi says I m human and not like Ishita, I can’t do this. He argues with everyone and says I will leave home. Mrs. Bhalla asks whats the matter, tell me. Romi says ask Ishita and Raman, they will tell you. She says tell me… Romi says Rohit is not my son, my life became nonsense, Rohit is not your grandson, he is not our blood. She gets shocked. Romi says I will not listen to Raman, this happened with me always, Sarika was fooling me, she ruined my life, Raman decides everything, you knew this and did not tell me bhai. Raman says we did not wish to hurt you. Romi says I can’t raise other’s child, please leave this child in orphanage. Ishita asks him to stop. Romi leaves. Ishita consoles Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says Mrs. Bhalla loves Rohit a lot, she will not let him go away.

Mrs. Bhalla goes to see Rohit and cries. She sends Neelu outside. Ishita says that’s why I was wishing to tell them, just mummy ji can explain Romi. He says she will be fine, don’t worry, she loves Rohit. Mrs. Bhalla takes Rohit in her arms and hugs him. Mrs. Bhalla gives Rohit to Ishita and asks him to leave Rohit to orphanage, Romi said right. Raman and Ishita get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika cheated us, till Rohit is here, he will remind us Sarika’s cheat. Raman says Romi is immature and said this angrily, whats Rohit’s mistake if his mum is cheater. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika and Romi are not his parents. Raman says Rohit is the child of this family, its my decision, no one will go against this. Ishita cries.

Ishita tells Raman that Sarika said she got Rohit from orphanage, they should find his roots. Raman asks why, we won’t give him back. She says yes, but don’t know how Sarika got him.

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