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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Niddhi angering Shagun. Shagun refuses to sign the prenup and leaves. Manoj asks her to listen. Bala asks Simmi why is she crying. Simmi tells him about Raman’s rude behavior with everyone. She says Raman is hurting everyone. He says I understand, I can help Ruhi, but not interfere in Raman’s matter, I will take Ruhi to my counselor friend. Simmi thanks him. Shagun worries and says Manoj knows I love him, why did he do this. Niddhi tells her that it was her plan and answer for the insult Shagun did. Shagun scolds her and calls her wrong. She warns her that old Shagun may come back to tackle Niddhi, she changed by Ishita’s goodness. Niddhi says I m not scared, I will warn you, stop making Raman against me, else I will not leave you, this prenup was just a sample. Manoj asks Shagun to wait. Shagun says I will think about this prenup and tell you. She goes. Niddhi smiles.

Raman shows card designs to Niddhi. He asks Mr. Bhalla to help. Mr. Bhalla calls him helpless and scolds him, saying none of us will come in the marriage. Raman says I don’t care, marriage will happen. Niddhi calls them a dramatic family. Neelu gets letter for Raman. Niddhi checks it and gets shocked. She goes to Raman and shows the letter. He reads you forgot me so soon Raman….. by Ishita. Niddhi says you said Ishita is dead, whats this. Raman says I don’t know. Simmi looks on and goes. Niddhi says you killed her, then how Ishita’s letter. Bala asks did idea worked. Simmi says yes, Raman and Niddhi got shocked, I copied Ishita’s handwriting. I have kept recorder there in that room, we will know the truth if there is anything.

Niddhi asks Raman not to worry, are you feeling guilty. Raman says no, I was thinking if this did not happen, was Ishita’s death necessary. Niddhi says Ishita would have never accepted our relation, when you got Ishita’s case to me, I understood you love me. He says yes, its our old love that brought us close. He gets a call and gets shocked. He tells Niddhi that a man has come to give statement, he would give my sketch now, I will not let anyone come between us, I promise, don’t worry, I will find out about this letter. He hugs her.

Raichand asks Ashok how will he impress Shanaya. Ashok asks his help, I was thinking to talk to her on videochat, I will impress her. Raichand says I know you have impressed many girls, but my daughter is different, final decision will be hers for marriage. Ashok says don’t worry, my friends don’t call me Mr Charmer just like that. Raichand says once Shanaya gets marriage, I will be relieved, and all my businesses will be of my son in law and daughter, she can come anyone to surprise, just be ready. He leaves. Ashok smiles and says my gate is shining, come soon Shanaya, I m ready to impress you. Suraj hears him and asks him to come on earth. He says your luck is not good about girls, think about business. Ashok says Raichand came to us, Shanaya is my ticket to more business.

Vandu leaves Shitija aside in pram and goes to attend interview calls. Sarika smiles seeing this and calls someone. Raman asks Govind did he not identify him and scares him. Niddhi comes and tells Govind that Raman is still free and Govind may get punished. Raman gives money to Govind. Govind agrees being scared. Sarika gets the women and says this is that woman, and here is the baby. Vandu asks who are you. Sarika says she does not remember she left her daughter alone there, if anyone kidnapped the baby then… Vandu says I did not forget my daughter, there was no network so I went aside. The lady takes baby and says we are from child welfare association, we can see you are a very bad mother. Vandu cries and says I m not a bad mother. Sarika argues with Vandu. Romi comes there. Vandu tells Romi to help her. Romi asks for the girl, and says I will call police and tell inspector that you are kidnapping the girl. He takes Shitija and sends Vandu. Romi asks them who are they, they work in NGO, can’t they differentiate between right and wrong person, Sarika is a cheap woman, she is my wife, she was killing my family, check her, she just ruin homes. The women leave. Romi scolds Sarika and goes. Sarika fumes.

Vandu cries and says I m not a bad mother, why did Sarika get after me. She makes Shitija rest on the bed and drinks wine. Ruhi comes and asks Vandu why is she drinking bad thing. Vandu stops. Ruhi says Raman used to drink and behave badly, please don’t become like Papa. Vandu keeps the bottle and apologizes to Ruhi. She hugs Ruhi and cries.

Simmi comes to room and checks recorder. She wonders why is it not working. Niddhi asks how will it work, and breaks the cassette. She says you are smart to think others are fool, you wanted to know how did Ishita die, you should have asked us. Raman comes and smiles. He says I know Simmi, you thought you will write letter in Ishita’s handwriting and we will be shocked, you should ask straight to know truth, you want to know how Ishita died, I killed her. Simmi gets shocked and asks what.

Raman says she did not wish to go, but I pushed her with my hands. She says no, you are lying. He says I did that for love, I love Niddhi. Simmi says no, you love Ishita. Raman says I was fed up of Ishita, she was not deserving my love, she ruined my life, and she was big hurdle, we moved her away from our life, its out sangeet tomorrow, tell the family to come and bless us, and shut the door while leaving. Simmi finds him disgusting and leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman if he wants any help. Raman says no, Niddhi will manage. Mrs. Bhalla says this house will look marriage house soon. Raman finds something fishy seeing their behavior.

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