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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Ishita asking them to go, else she will show her talent again. Bala asks what is she doing, she is eating chicken. She asks is he her brother, come here and teach, does he have courage, coward. She asks them to leave. Mrs. Bhalla and Vandu ask Ishita not to eat it. Ishita says you people always stop Ishu, you people have so many issues, I will eat and wear what I want, if they have any issue, they can keep it and leave. She says she had kept fast for her husband, and now she is hungry.

They all leave. Vandu cries and says how can Ishita eat chicken. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is not in her senses, Shagun used to eat chicken. Ishita shouts and cries. They all rush to her. Ishita shouts for Amma, and cries seeing the chicken bones on the bed. Raman asks what happened. She says she has eaten non veg on Karwachauth, why did anyone not stop me. He says you did not do anything and calms her. Vandu hugs her and says its not your mistake. Ishita coughs and tries to vomit it. She asks them to leave and goes to washroom. Raman asks her to listen.

Mrs. Bhalla says even medicines are not affecting her, we have to make Ishita win over Shagun. Bala says I think even Raman needs rest. Vandu says I will take Adi and Ruhi home, its risky for them to stay here. Raman asks Ishita to open the door, he is with her. He cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………

Ishita changes and comes. He hugs her and asks her to take rest. He sits by her side and cries.

Its morning, Raman meets Prateek and says he can’t lose Ishita, his family is breaking. Prateek asks him to tell him everything about him, Ishita and Shagun. Raman says I will tell you everything, just make her fine. Manoj comes to Bhalla house. Sarika says Raman is not at home. Mrs. Bhalla meets Manoj. Manoj says I know whats happening here, Ishita is behaving like Shagun right. Sarika says nothing like that, who told you. He says I know it, let me meet her, if its really Shagun’s spirit in her, I can help her. Prateek says I also feel the same, Raman told me everything, I think Dr. Manoj can help us, where is Ishita.

Ruhi comes to school and kids ask her about her mum. Ruhi thinks of Ishita. The teacher questions her and gets angry as Ruhi does not answer. She checks Ruhi’s book and asks why did she not do her homework. Ruhi says sorry. The teacher writes remarks and asks her to get her parents’ sign on it. Ishita sees Adi and Ruhi’s pic. Prateek sends Raman inside the room.

Raman signs them to come. Ishita says I missed you so much, I m unable to talk to my kids. She asks Raman about kids, she does not know what happened, she sleeps so much. She greets Manoj and says I know Raman called you, everyone is tensed about my health. She apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. She greets Prateek and talks normal. Manoj thinks Ishita looks normal, whats happening. Raman asks her to rest, they have just come to see her. He says tell me if you need anything. She says whom else will I say. They all leave.

Manoj says Ishita appeared regular. Prateek states this means Shagun gets in her body at some time, did you notice some pattern or trigger. Raman states no, aid us, do a little something. Prateek says just Shagun can reply this. Raman asks how. Prateek says she has to state. Shravan asks Ruhi to create her temper great. Ruhi claims don’t understand what happened to Ishu Maa, Adi And that i are keeping at Iyer home. The classmates ask Ruhi about ghost in Ishita. Shravan asks them to not difficulties Ruhi. Ruhi will get up to leave plus the gun falls from her bag.

Raman will come to highschool. Ruhi suggests she doesn’t know about gun. Raman suggests nothing will happen. The principal will get indignant and scolds Raman for staying so careless. Raman claims its not our gun. We did not know about it. Abhishek will come as principal named him. He sends Ruhi out and checks the gun. Raman claims it was same gun which disappeared that day, how did it can be found in Ruhi’s bag. Abhishek miracles a similar.

Abhishek says anyone has stored it deliberately. He suggests one of the member of the family could be the gun’s owner. Raman asks are you presently certain. Abhishek states yes. Raman thinks.

Abhishek suggests probably the planner did not desire us to receive this gun, it’s possible the individual took gun from Mrs. Bhalla’s room. Ruhi concerns Ishita and retains her. Mrs. Bhalla appears to be like on. Ishita will get All set in Shagun’s way and sees Ruhi.

Written Update By Amena


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