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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman and Ashok to go out. She asks Neelu to massage Shagun’s legs and call her when Shagun gets conscious. Ashok says you want to say I m doing drama, fine, but you also don’t sympathize with her. Adi comes there. Ashok asks why did Shagun react like that, I think Adi is Mani’s murderer. Raman asks him to stop nonsense. Ashok says I strongly feel Adi is Mani’s murderer. Adi gets tensed. He says no, its nothing like that, I went there to meet Aaliya, you can ask her. Raman says no need to clarify, go Adi. Adi goes. Raman scolds Ashok. Ashok says I m thinking to stay here, what will you tell her when she gets conscious. Neelu comes and says Shagun is getting conscious. Shagun asks what happened, what did I see, why did I react like that.

says nothing, have water. He thinks Shagun does not remember where she has seen Adi. Ashok comes and asks are you okay. Shagun asks him to go, she needs rest. Ashok goes and thinks Shagun is taking Adi’s name, matter got complicated. He smiles. Ishita asks Adi what’s the matter, why did you not have any answer when Ashok accused you, I can read your face, there is some matter. Adi says there is nothing, why will I hide anything, you believe Ashok more.

Ishita says I don’t believe Ashok, I believe my son. She asks him to swear and say he is not hiding anything. Adi says I swear I will not do anything that hurts you and Papa. Ishita says I don’t care what Ashok says, Shagun reacted seeing you, we will try to find out why, I m with you, don’t worry, I trust you. She goes. Adi says it will be better truth comes out before thing spoil. Ashok calls someone and says Shagun is getting her memory, we have to make her off our way.

Raman says I will not leave that Ashok. Ishita says I spoke to Adi, he is innocent. Raman says I know, why did Shagun take his name, what could be the matter. She says I m tensed if Ashok uses this matter and tells wrong to police, what will happen of Adi, I really wish I spoke to watchman and know what he wanted to tell us.

Kiran comes to meet Shitija. Shravan asks what did you get, do you want to buy our love. Bala scolds Shravan. Kiran says I just came to return Shitija’s toy. Shitija thanks her. Shravan asks Shitija to go and get her bag. Kiran goes. Bala asks Shravan what’s all this, go and apologize to her. Shravan says none can take my mum’s place, I won’t apologize. Amma goes and stops Kiran. She apologizes on Shravan’s behalf. She says this family doesn’t need you, Bala and Shravan fought because of you, I m there to manage Vandu’s children, even Ishu is there, none can take my Vandu’s place. Kiran cries and leaves.

Ishita talks to inspector about foot prints. Inspector says we could not find anything, but the shoe brand is famous, we are going to watchman’s house to find any clue. Ishita says Raman, I will also go there. Raman says I will come along. Ishita says you stay with Shagun, I will take care. He says I m getting strange feeling today. She says nothing will go wrong, that murderer will be caught. Neela comes and says this file came from office. Ishita asks him to concentrate on work. He asks her to be careful. Raman checks the accounts sheets. He calls Adi and asks him to meet outside house.

Ruhi asks Nikhil did he come to meet Aaliya, she is not at home. He says I came to meet you. She says I don’t think there is anything to talk, let’s just not discuss this, you blamed my dad, it was a big thing. He says I m such to say anything without thinking, so Adi and I fought, I can’t annoy Ruhaan, I m sorry. Ruhi asks him to sit, she will make coffee and call Aaliya. He says wait, these gifts are not for Aaliya, I got these for you. She thanks him.

Raman asks Adi about withdrawals. Adi says I had some work, so what, I m not a kid now, I had some need. Raman says our company has policy to use credit card for personal expenses. Adi asks what did I do to take cash, I will return it if you say. He throws the file and goes. Raman says what happened to him. Adi’s footprints are seen on the floor. Ishita comes to watchman’s house and says I just want to say the evidence, I will not interfere, I promise. Ruhi thanks Nikhil for the albums. He says the biggest gift is still there. He gives her Ruhaan’s pic. She recalls the old time. He says I clicked this from your concert, I attended your every concert. She says photo is really good, I recalled the past, can you keep this pic, I can’t keep this. He says sorry. She says thanks for everything. Inspector checks the temple area and cash falls down. Ishita looks on.

Raman says nothing will happen to Shagun. Everyone worries for Shagun. Aaliya says how did snake come. Raman says I tied the chunri, poison won’t spread, nothing will happen to Shagun.

Written Update by Amena

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