Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2016 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhi recording a video message for Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma, Mr. Bhalla, Adi, Mihika and others give message to Pihu, and say they love and miss her a lot. Raman says Pihu, Papa misses you a lot, we both will make tomato chicken and have. Romi says come soon Pihu, we miss you. Simmi and Ananya too give a message. Ishita goes away. Simmi tells Ishita that Ananya and Pihu are in same school, so Ananya decided to take care of her, being elder sister. Ishita says oh, same school, take care of her Ananya.

Ruhi asks them to play the great game of carom. She asks Ishita to come. Ishita says no, Pihu will not like seeing me. Ruhi says no, Pihu should know you are part of this family. Raman says she is right, come. They play carom. Raman sees Ishita and thinks why don’t you understand. I lost Pihu to Shagun because of Mani. She thinks your real win will be when you control your anger, why to get anger on Aaliya. He thinks you made me away. She thinks its cowardness to drink wine, and I want to keep you away from it. Ruhi sees both of them upset.

Shagun tells police that this girl is lying, she is not employee at Mani’s company, ask her who is she and what does she want. Inspector asks the girl to say truth, else he will inform her parents. She says no, don’t inform them, they will die. Shagun asks truth. The girl says yes, I was blaming Mani, he did not misbehave with me. Shagun calls her blameless. Mani asks why did you do this. The girl says someone paid me to do this, I needed money. Inspector and Mani ask her who gave her money. She says Mr. Raman Bhalla gave me money to do this drama and defame you. Mani asks are you sure, I can’t believe this, I went to his house to say sorry, he insulted me and made me leave, but how can he fall so low. Shagun stops him. Mani says he did this to take revenge, I won’t be quiet if he does this again. Inspector says I will talk to my senior inspector and goes. Shagun says I don’t believe this, Raman can fall so low, you were asking me to return Pihu’s custody to him. Mani says it would be my big mistake, I would not send Pihu to him, where is Aaliya. She says she went with Adi on dinner. He says call her back, I don’t want any excuses.

Aaliya thanks Adi for dinner, and asks did you drop party plan because of me. He says no, I don’t want to attend party and talk about attack matter. She says I would have also got uncomfortable. He says I understand, have food. A girl asks can I have selfie with you. Aaliya says we are not celebrity, sorry. The girl says you are a star for me, I did not see such brave girl like you, you did not sit at home after the attack. Aaliya says sure, he is Adi, my friend, he helped me, can we take a selfie together. The girl takes selfie with them.

Raman cries seeing Pihu’s pics. Ruhi goes to him. He asks did you not sleep. She asks what are you thinking, I saw our recording, you can tell me anything, share things than drinking. He says we lost Pihu, Shagun made her away and I made others away. Ruhi says you are talking about Ishita, she left from here after party, she is ignoring you, she does not like your drinking, why are you doing this. He says what to do, I miss Pihu, I m angry, I m a bad father. Ruhi says no, its late night, leave all this, come and sleep. She takes him to room.

Adi and Aaliya are on the way. Aaliya says I can’t believe everyone is inspired by me, I did not get scared. He says yes, I m also inspired by you, thanks for taking a stand for me infront of Mani. She asks him to stop the car. He asks what happened. She says I want to eat Paan/betel. They go to the paan shop. She asks the man to make two sweet betels. Adi refuses to have. She asks him to have it. She eats and likes the paan. She makes him eat it. He says I don’t eat this. He pays money and they leave. He says car is that side, come. She says weather is amazing, we will walk. He says its late. She insists. It thunders and she hugs him by getting scared. Tu safar mera…. Ae dil hai mushkil….plays….. Adi holds her and smiles. He realizes and breaks the hug.

Ishita meets Abhishek and says what, Raman can’t do this. Abhishek says I know, but Verma told me. She says don’t talk to Raman now. He can’t send any girl, I think someone else sent that girl to increase the distance between Mani and Raman, someone knows of their fight, I will go and talk to Mani. He says he is very angry now. She says does not matter, he is my friend, I have to meet him. He says fine, I will come along. He gets a call and says fine, I m reaching. She asks can’t you come along. He says no, sorry. Adi sees them and asks Ishita is there any problem.

Shagun talks to Ashok on phone and praises his plan. He asks how was that girl. She says she was fantastic actress, Mani was so worried. He asks does Mani want to apologize to Raman now. She says no way, he is very angry, as Aaliya has gone on dinner with Adi, I think Aaliya came, I don’t want to see the drama, bye.

Ruhi asks Raman to sleep. He asks did Ishita not come. She says don’t worry, talk to her in morning, everything will be fine. He says you don’t know, she is so adamant. She asks him to buy a gift for Ishita and surprise her. She shows the online shopping app and asks him to buy for Ishita, Dadi and Pihu. He cries seeing Pihu’s pic. He gets sad and says good night. He turns to sleep.

Shagun asks Ishita what are you doing here, you came to say sorry on your husband’s behalf. Ishita says why will I, I know Raman did not do anything, where is Mani. Mani says no need to say anything, he is cheap man. She says you know my husband can’t do this. Mani says he has backstabbed me, he has sent you to give explanation, he is a coward. Adi says enough, I won’t hear anything against my dad. Mani says who are you, you are also like your dad. Adi says this is not true. Mani says I know truth. Adi and Mani argue. Ishita takes Adi, while Aaliya comes and stops Mani. Ishita asks Adi why did he fight with Mani, we came here to solve this. Adi says I won’t hear this as a coward. She says you are foolish to fight, you behaved like your dad, even Raman gets angry without thinking, does anything sort out by anger, this is misunderstanding, we have to solve this, you have to manage this maturely, if we fight, will Pihu be safe here, think, I know Raman is angry and will be annoyed, I need your help, will you help me. He says yes, I promise. She says we can’t tell Raman we came here, I m worried about Mani’s anger, I really hope Aaliya explains him.

Raman says she was there, I heard her voice. Shagun says yes, don’t talk to Pihu, you guys do mistake and apologize, Ishita came here yesterday. He asks what, did Ishita come there. She says yes.

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