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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with constable saying this is watchman Banwari. Ishita says I was waiting for him, I heard police siren and came here to see. Inspector asks Ishita what’s the matter, why were you waiting for him. She says Banwari told me about some info, I thought to tell police later. Inspector asks how can you do such big mistake, see the result, someone came before you and killed him, he would have been alive if you informed me, where is Raman.

She asks do you think Raman did this, how can you doubt on him. He says I m just doing my duty. She says he went to meet Shagun’s doctor. He sends body for post mortem and asks her to come with them. Adi hides and looks on. He says Ishita can know truth, I have to do something. Aaliya says I did not order anything, maybe parcel is of

someone else. The guy says no, its for Aaliya Bhalla. She receives the parcel and sees Sushi. She says who has sent this. Nikhil asks her to have it. He says I know its your fav. dish. She says I don’t want to appoint it, I can’t take it. He says seriously, I remember I had your Sushi once and you did not talk to me for two months. She says I really don’t want to have it.

He says we all lost someone in our lives, Mani also liked Sushi a lot, atleast one piece for him, come. Ruhi looks on. Aaliya eats it and says really delicious. He says I know Adi would be getting this for you. She says Adi does not know this. Ruhi says Adi should talk more than Nikhil. Nikhil says Adi is not bad, he called me and said I should meet you, he loves you, you are lucky to get true loving husband, if I was a girl, I would have married Adi. Aaliya smiles and calls him mad. Aaliya sees Mani’s pic.

Raman asks inspector how can he doubt on him. He says why will I kill anyone, I m a businessman, I m not mad. Doctor says Raman was here since 3 hours, I know his family well, they are good people. Ishita says someone wants to keep us away from info, so he killed watchman, try to find proof in right direction. Inspector says fine, we will go to Banwari’s house. Raman asks can we come along. Inspector permits them.

Ruhi thanks Nikhil for coming. He says we all miss Mani, I don’t think Raman will get free soon, I have seen him having knife in hand. She asks so what, did you decide this seeing knife, murderer is roaming free, how did you think this. He says I m just saying what I have seen. She asks did you see Papa killing Mani. She argues to defend Raman. She says you have to get facts right to know Raman is innocent. She goes. Nikhil says its imp that this murder mystery gets solved.

Adi comes to Banwari’s house. He says what proof did Banwari had, what was he going to tell Ishimaa. He shuts the door and checks the cupboard. He says police will come here, I have to find the clue before they come.

Bala asks Amma where is Ishu. Amma says she said she has some work, you forgot umbrella, you got drenched. He says I have to hire some teachers, exams are coming and work increased in tuitions. Shravan gets Shitija. Bala asks Shravan why did he get her from Kiran’s place. Shravan says I know you want to make Kiran our new Amma, so I got Shitija home, this is our decision, we don’t want Kiran. Shitija nods. Bala looks on worried.

Raman, Ishita and police come to Banwari’s house. Raman asks why do you always take risk, you should have called me. She says I called you but could not connect, I called Adi, he said he will come. Inspector says door is locked from inside, maybe there is someone. They all break the door. Adi runs. Constable shows shoe marks. Ishita says Banwari was giving me proof. Inspector gets an evidence and says he left this proof behind, this will make us get him.

Shagun says where did Raman and Ishita disappear. Ashok asks her to come with him. She asks him to leave. He says Raman does not care for you. She says I m calling my husband, get lost. He asks her to call Ishita, she knows more. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Adi. Ashok argues. Shagun says stop it, I have to go Ishita’s clinic, take me there.

Raman and Ishita come home. They talk about the shoe marks. He says I m on parole, we have less time. He sees Ashok and Shagun and stops them. Shagun asks did I ask you where you went with Ishita, I m going with Ashok. Ashok says she is right, we are going on drinks. Raman says she is on medication, she can’t drink. Ishita says my car went for servicing, so I took lift. Shagun says stop overacting, let’s go Ashok. She sees a car and reacts. She says I have seen this car that night. They get shocked.

Adi gets down the car. Shagun says you were there, I have seen you, it was raining that night, I have seen this car from balcony. She faints. Ashok asks what is she saying, what did she see. He lifts Shagun and takes her. Raman and Ishita go with her. Adi worries.

Ashok says you think I m doing drama fine, I m a creep, you all are also not good, I know Shagun can save you, you don’t have sympathy. Raman looks on. Adi comes. Ashok asks Adi why did Shagun react such seeing his car, I think you are Mani’s murderer.

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