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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun shouting Mani… Raman and Ishita ask her what’s happening. Shagun gets up and asks Ishita what is she doing here. Pihu comes. Shagun hugs her and asks how was your day at school. Raman signs Ishita to go. Shagun asks Ishita how did she come here. Ishita says you fainted. Shagun says how, you did something. Ishita says you fainted by BP problem, you were shouting Mani’s name. Raman asks who is this Mani. Shagun asks who is Mani, stop putting words in my mouth, what are you upto, I understand your games. Pihu says don’t talk to Ishita like this. Shagun angrily raises hand. Raman stops her and says don’t dare to slap my daughter. Shagun says our daughter…, I know your drama, don’t think I m a fool. She goes.

Raman says no use today, I thought

she will give us a sign. Ishita asks him to see positive side, she shouted Mani, she has seen Mani’s killer, we should talk to doctor, maybe she can tell us. Raman says how do you get smart sometimes.

Ruhi comes to meet Nikhil and sees him playing guitar. Nikhil goes. She sees his pics, and plays a tune on guitar. Nikhil smiles and says you play so good, great. Ruhi says I m so sorry, I could not control myself seeing guitar, I m also a singer, I mean I was a singer, I used to sing in Australia. He says your name is Ruhaan right, Ruhi, I don’t believe this, you sing so well, I was Ruhaan’s big fan, I mean I m still you fan, why did you leave singing. She says its a long story, I have bad memories with music. She recalls Niddhi.

She says Aaliya told you were popular singer in your college, do you sing even now. He says well, I also have some bad memories, why did you come here. She says I came to talk, why are you not meeting Aaliya. He says there are many problems between me and Adi. She says I know Adi overreacts as he loves Aaliya a lot, so he was calling you. He says Aaliya and I are just good friends, don’t know what Adi thinks, I don’t want any complications in her married life. She says I know, but Adi does not know any solution, you have to understand, atleast come for friendship, I m sure she will feel better, Adi is really stressed. He agrees and says I will come because Ruhaan asked me, I can’t refuse to Ruhaan, you play the guitar and I will sing.

Raman asks how is it possible, Shagun took Mani’s name and then forgot. Doctor says progress is seen. Its a good sign, have patience. He says we are on the verge of giving up. She asks him to keep trying. Pihu apologizes to Ishita. She says I shared my tiffin with Riya, she was alone, we are friends now. Ishita says you did good. Pihu says I m not scared of her now. Ishita says next time, one who scares you, make her your friend, your mole is fading. Pihu says I will apply mole everyday till mumma gets fine. Ishita says you are so smart, come, we will make you ready for lunch, go and change.

Roshni gets Romi’s call and says yes Mihika would have boarded the flight by now, everything is fine, Raman and Ishita are managing here. She compliments Shravan. Shravan says Kiran gifted this. Ashok comes and says you could have asked any costly thing, she will give you. Shravan asks why. Roshni asks him to go for tuition. Ashok says she is going to become your mummy, Bala is going to marry Kiran, so she brings gifts for you. Shravan says I won’t let anyone take my mum’s place. He goes.

Ashok goes to Bhalla house. Roshni says whenever he comes, he creates problems, I have to teach him a lesson. She stops Ashok and asks why did he come when Shagun made him leave. Ashok says I came to take my things. She scolds him for telling that to Shravan. Ashok says you women look good in anger, Ishita did one thing good to keep you, you are not bad. She slaps him. He says uff, see I got a current by your touch, I like it, I was thinking, you have no man in your life, you can come to me. She scolds him. He sees Shagun and starts acting. He says I will always be of Shagun, she is angry with me, I can’t see her hurt. Shagun says you are Ishita’s assistant, I tolerate her, it does not mean I will tolerate you, get lost. Shagun asks Ashok to take his things and leave. Ashok smiles and thinks I will not leave you so soon.

Ishita gets watchman’s call and asks where did you go till I got money. He says listen to me carefully, you come to park with money. She says I have to talk to Raman. She calls Raman and then thinks of Adi. Taneja asks Adi to do something of sales. Adi says I have some stress. Tanuja says personal problems should not affect work, focus on work, else all this will go bad. Adi says I don’t care, my family is imp. Taneja says then why did you start business, you should have sat at home. Adi gets Ishita’s call. She says I m going to meet Mani’s building’s watchman, he is giving me info about murderer. Adi repeats everything. Taneja hears him. Ishita asks him not to come there, she is just informing him. Adi says fine, I will stay far. She agrees. Adi ends call.

Adi says what will the watchman tell her. Ishita comes to the park and waits for him. She sees someone coming. She gets shocked seeing watchman dead.

Inspector asks Ishita what’s the matter. She says Banwari told me about some info, I thought to tell police later. Inspector asks how can you do such big mistake, see the result, someone came before you and killed him, he would have been alive if you informed me, where is Raman.

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