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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun getting ready and setting up everything in the room. Ishita thinks of Ashok’s words. Shagun messages Raman. Raman says why was Ashok smiling when he left. He gets Shagun’s message and comes to room. He sees the candles and decorations. Shagun comes and hugs him. He says you… She asks were you expecting someone else. He says sorry, you are unwell. She says you like that Ishita, not me, you are cheating on me. Raman says I m cheating on you, you are staying with your Bf in my house. She says you got Ashok here, I have thrown him out, I just love you, let’s just start afresh, we have two children, let’s make our marriage work. He thinks what to do. He says you are not well, let’s just wait. She gets close.

Ishita comes there and gets shocked.

Shagun scolds her. Raman thanks Ishita. Pihu comes and says I have tooth pain, please come fast. Ishita says I will take her to clinic and check her. Shagun says check her here. Ishita says how can I check here. Raman asks Shagun what is she saying. Shagun says I will also come. He asks her to rest. They leave. Pihu says relax, I m fine, I was acting as I heard Ashok telling Ishimaa that mumma will snatch Papa, I understood and made fake mole to come as Pihu. Raman and Ishita call her good actress. Pihu says we will go and have icecream. Ishita says you have school. Raman says we did not go anywhere since long. They leave.

At icecream parlor, Pihu asks for more icecreams and goes. Ishita says I think the watchman of Mani’s building knows something, he demanded money, till I came back with money, he ran away. He says we should go now. She says how, Pihu is here. Pihu asks them to go, her friend will pick and drop her. Ishita asks who is your friend. Pihu says Kiran, she gave her number and said we can call her whenever we need help. Raman says Kiran is really nice. Ishita says fine, once your case gets solved, I will talk to Amma about Bala and Kiran, none should know our secret. Pihu promised. They laugh. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. They come home. Shagun switches on lights and says you came late. Pihu holds her cheek. Ishita says she had cavities. Shagun asks feeling better. Pihu asks can I sleep with you Papa. Raman says of course and takes her. Ishita asks are you annoyed. Shagun says let it be, I think Ruhi likes you and you are also fond of her. Ishita says she is lovely. She goes. Shagun says they think I m foolish. She recalls Pihu holding left cheek when she had pain and now she was holding right side. She says why is Ruhi supporting them. She thinks of Ashok’s words.

Its morning, Neelu tells Ishita about Mr and Mrs. Bhalla taking Pihu to school. Raman asks Shagun about her plan. Shagun says I m going for lunch. Ishita asks him can she drop him today. He says sure. Ishita goes with him. Shagun gets driver’s call and goes. Adi asks for breakfast. Ruhi also joins. Amma goes to call Aaliya. They all see Aaliya sad. Aaliya sees Mani’s pic. Amma asks her to come for breakfast. Aaliya refuses and goes. Adi calls Nikhil. He asks him to come to Amma’s house. He says Aaliya is feeling low, you are her friend and can be with her. Ruhi looks on. Nikhil says I can’t come, I really don’t want to come and get insulted. Adi says no one will insult you, please come. Nikhil says no, don’t call again. Adi leaves. Ruhi goes after him and asks what did Nikhil say. Adi says I m useless, I want Aaliya to be happy, just Nikhil can keep her happy, he refused to come. She says give me his address, I will meet him, you go and have your meeting, don’t take stress. He leaves.

Ananya says Riya has no friends. Riya feels unwell and drinks water. Pihu sees Riya’s tiffin falling and asks Ananya what will Riya have now, I m scared of her, I would have given my tiffin. Ananya asks her to go and get friendly. Pihu goes to Riya and asks her to share her tiffin. Riya refuses. Pihu says I have yummy parathas, see. Riya agrees to have some. She likes it. Pihu asks Ananya to come to them.

Raman and Ishita come to Mani’s building. Ishita waits for Shagun. They meet watchman. The man says Banwari went to his village, he was on duty yesterday, I was called on duty today. They see Shagun and hide. Shagun comes there and looks around. Shagun recalls Mani and holds her head. She gets dizzy and faints. Raman and Ishita rush to her and take her. Raman calls Dr. Alka and informs about Shagun. Raman asks how did you know Shagun will come. Ishita says Shagun was observing us, she has seen Pihu holding wrong cheek when we came home, I knew she will come after us, I hope she remembers things. Raman says I m worried about her. Shagun shouts leave him, no…. Raman and Ishita ask her what happened, who held you, maybe she is remembering something. Shagun shouts Mani….

Shagun raises hand on Pihu. Raman scolds her. Ishita looks on. Shagun says I know your drama, don’t think I m a fool.

Written Update by Amena

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