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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Simmi and Ishita seeing kids talk about Ananya’s dad. Shravan asks did her dad die. Simmi cries and says no, nothing will happen to her dad. She takes Ananya and leaves. Ishita asks Simmi what is there she is hiding, she can share. Simmi says no need, you already blamed me. She asks Neelu to take care of Ananya and leaves. Ishita sends Neelu for other work. She calls Prateek and says Simmi left from home, inform me when she comes home, I have a plan to make Simmi speak out truth, its related to Ananya.

Ishita gives tea to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to visit Pammi aunty. She convinces her emotionally. She says she will pack sweets. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her. Ishita goes. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her and wishes Ishita always stays happy. Abhishek and Prateek call Ishita to inform about Simmi. Ishita says there will be no one at home, just I will be there, you both come. Abhishek asks her plan. She ends call saying mummy ji is coming. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take care of Ananya and goes. Ishita takes Ananya and feels sorry to do this, but she is helpless.

Bala talks to Rajiv. Rajiv says he wants to get his son admitted in his classes. Bala gives him form. Rajiv asks will he train for corporate, and says it will be benefit for both for us. Bala says I will need team and get place for coaching centre. Rajiv says you will get bank loan easily. Bala says but loan for this. Rajiv says you are qualified and can earn well. Rajiv then meets Suraj and says he has shown many business schemes to Bala, he will agree, my man will dupe him in less interest loan scheme, Bala will not know we are framing him, Suraj gives him money. Rajiv gets down his car. Suraj recalls Vandu’s slap and says Bala will be ruined now, Vandu see how I ruin you and then come to save you, to ruin you even more.

Simmi comes home and sees Ananya with Ishita. Simmi thinks did Abhishek tell Ishita about me and Parmeet. She asks Ananya to come to her. Ishita takes Ananya and looks at Simmi angrily. Simmi asks why is she seeing like this, and asks for Ananya. Ishita shouts on her and takes Ananya with her. Simmi says please, give Ananya to me. Ishita says you came very soon today, did he let you leave so soon. Simmi asks what are you saying. Ishita says you went to meet Parmeet. Simmi asks why will Parmeet meet me. Ishita says don’t lie to me, I m not Ishita, I m Shagun, what are you all planning against me, Ashok and Parmeet… Simmi says I m not afraid of you. Ishita asks her to be afraid, and reminds what she did with Raman, tantric and Ishita, now she can harm Ananya. Simmi cries and says no please, I beg you, don’t do anything to Ananya.

Ishita says I m Shagun, I m not good with kids, anything can happen if you don’t say truth. Simmi calls our family. Ishita says there is no one here, I want to know truth. Ananya your mum does not love you, she does not want to say the truth. Simmi takes her phone. Ishita says I will fall Simmi, and threatens her.

Abhishek and Prateek come there. Ishita shouts on Simmi. They hear this voice and rush inside. Simmi sees them and asks Prateek to save Ananya. Ishita asks Prateek to stay away, she can do anything, Prateek asks Simmi to answer what she is asking, Ishita has Ananya. Abhishek says she will leave Ananya, tell the truth. Ishita scares like she is throwing Ananya. Simmi shouts yes, I met Param, as he is about to die. They all get shocked.

Ishita says say truth, don’t lie. Simmi says Param has liver Cirrhosis , if he does not get liver transplant, he will die, check these reports. Ishita gives Ananya to Simmi and checks the reports. Simmi hugs Ananya and cries. Simmi says same night I got call from hospital, when stone fell on Raman. FB shows doctor calling Simmi and telling her about Parmeet’s condition. Simmi says he is number one fraud, you don’t know him, he maybe lying. The doctor says he is really serious, meet him once for sake of humanity. Simmi leaves. FB ends.

Simmi says Parmeet did not tell me anything. FB shows Parmeet lying to Simmi about his disease. He asks about Ananya and she scolds him. He talks to doctor. Doctor tells him about his critical state. He asks why did he call his wife, he has hurt her a lot, she is good and will come to help, he wants to be alone, this is his punishment. Simmi cries and asks why did he not tell her. Parmeet says he has hurt her. She says I loved you, it does not mean I will forget humanity, I want to help you. They hug. FB ends. Ishita says Simmi decided to help Parmeet, as he is Ananya’s father. Simmi says Parmeet maybe very bad, but he is Ananya’s father, how can I leave him to die. Ishita consoles her.

Ishita says Raman and I were thinking why did you need money. Simmi says Parmeet’s operation was necessary, and asks Ishita about Shagun’s spirit, is she normal right now?

Written Update By Amena


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