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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with kids apologizing to Raman. He asks them to promise not to do such thing alone again. Shagun meets Ishita and says we are trying best to free you, kids are praying and you know Lord answers kids’ prayers, you have to come back and take care of your baby, you know I m not a good mother, you have to take care of all this. Ishita says I will, I trust Raman, I know he will try his best. Shagun wipes her tears. Warden asks Shagun to leave. Shagun hugs Ishita and says we will meet at home now. She leaves. Ishita says I want to go home, I m not ready to die, I want to see my kids growing, I want to live my life with my kids and husband, I trust Raman, he will get me out of here.

Adi and Ruhi shout Ishi Maa and wake up from sleep. Adi hugs Ruhi and says nothing will happen to her. Ruhi says if any other jallad comes then what. Adi says no one will come in his place, don’t worry. Ruhi prays for Ishita. Adi wishes Lord answers Ruhi’s prayers.

Its morning, jail inspector tells Ishita that she is lucky, jallad has gone on holiday and there will be time required to find other jallad, so her hanging will be postponed. The prisoner women clap and hug Ishita. The lady says your husband will get time to appeal for you again. Ishita says its result of my kids’ prayers and smiles.

Ruhi is happy and tells everyone that Ishita will come home soon. Adi asks Raman can we take Ishita now. Raman says no, I will meet Niddhi, you guys pray. Ruhi says fine, I will tell this news to Iyers. Vandu gives bath to Shitija. She opens the tap and comes out of the bathroom to get towel. A book and pic falls down the cupboard. Vandu cries seeing Ishita’s pic. She says I don’t remember what I mixed in milk, I m not able to do anything for you. The water tub gets filled and Shitija is left alone in the bathroom, while Vandu cries recalling Suyyash’s bitter blames. Shitija cries. Vandu holds her head, being distressed. Bala comes to the room and sees Vandu drinking some medicine/wine. He asks what happened, why are you drinking this. He sees the towel and asks where is Shitija. He hears the water sound. He runs to bathroom and shouts Shitija. Bala gets Shitija. Vandu says I m useless sister. Bala gets sad. He hugs Vandu and says everything will be fine.

Raman meets Niddhi. They wait to get some reply from that man. The man asks them to take appointment to meet judge. Raman requests him. the man leaves. Niddhi gets a call and asks what. She says my assistant called, she called another jallad is hired and hanging will be done on same day. Shagun calls Raman and says I tried a lot, but women organization people can’t help Ishita. Raman sits sad and shocked. Niddhi shouts Mr. Bhalla. …… Raman gets thinking.

Later, Raman comes home. Adi and Ruhi ask for Ishita. Raman says Ishita won’t come. They all cry. Simmi runs to her room crying. Ruhi goes outside and cries. She shouts Ishi Maa. Romi moves Ruhi off the way as the car passes. He hugs Adi and Ruhi. Vandu is also crying and drinking more of wine. She hugs Bala and he too cries seeing her state. Amma cries and prays for Ishita.

Warden asks Ishita to come, someone came to meet her. She does not respond. Warden asks her why was she not replying, I felt… Ishita says its not the time yet. Ishita goes to meet Raman. Raman cries seeing her. Raman hugs her and says I m sorry. She says don’t say sorry, I have to tell you something, I have to thank you.

Ishita says I have no complains with my life, I lived completely, I m a complete woman, you and Ruhi gave me mother’s happiness, I don’t want anything else, I don’t want anything, I m happy, I have a loving husband, good family, such good kids, I achieved all this in few years which people can’t achieve in 60 years, I have everything, thank you. She holds and kisses his hand. Raman looks on teary eyed.

Ishita asks Raman to pull her up, her hand is slipping. Raman gets Ishita at some cliff. He says I did not get you hanged, as I would have not got the peace of killing you. She gets shocked. He leaves her hand and says you have to go so that I do what I want to do, which was not possible when you were alive.

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