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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Ishita thinking about informer. She goes to take her purse from the car. Bala comes home and tells eveyrone that his loan is approved. Vandu is worried and asks why will anyone give him loan easily. He says bankers are smart and know profiles, they maybe be seeking returns from my business, enjoy this moment. She worries. Ishita tells Prateek that she can’t understand whats happening. Prateek says we should not meet here, if anyone sees us.. she says I came here to take my bag, its good you met me here. Ashok checks for mic reception. He says so bag is left in car. Ishita takes her purse from car.

She holds bag and tells Prateek that Ashok was telling me about informer. Ashok gets angry that she is using a dead woman to know this. She says Ashok left for hotel and I missed him. He says I m not a weak player. Prateek says its not good to talk here. She says listen, I need to talk about my next step. A boy collides and her bag falls. The lady comes and takes his son, while stepping on the mic. Ishita says check is he got hurt. The mic breaks and Ashok does not hear anything. He says what is she cooking with Prateek, but Ishita thought fooling me acting as Shagun is easy, its not easy to fool me. She says Prateek, I will leave, we will meet Shagun and talk there.

Ishita and Raman sleep. She sees mobile light and moves the blanket to check Raman. Raman says you were sleeping. So I was just…. She says tell me. She checks the book on spirits and ghosts. She says this is to understand me. She asks him not to find these ways to make her fine, else she will feel bad, she will not hurt him, don’t worry. He says I can’t see you in this pain, I want to help you, I love you and wanted to get some solution.

She feels sorry and thinks to end this soon. She hugs him. They talk and smile. Its morning, Ishita goes to her car. An auto driver tells her about a phone he got in his auto, he dropped the passenger here. She says its locked, I will try emergency calling. She calls on her phone and says Sarika. She says she will give it, and says she will give him prize for his honesty. He says no need, that lady was so tensed and forgot the phone, and tells the same hotel where she went after Ashok. She thinks when will this get solved, did Sarika go there to meet Ashok.

Sarika looks for her phone. Ishita gives her phone and says auto driver gave this. Sarika takes her phone and thanks her. Ishita says I m going clinic, shall I drop you. Sarika says no. Ishita leaves. Sarika gets relieved. She takes auto and leaves. Ishita follows Sarika and talks to Shagun telling her about Sarika. Shagun asks did Sarika dislike Raman. Ishita says yes, Sarika did not like Raman’s help, I will find out. Sarika goes to hotel. Ishita tells Shagun that she came to same hotel, it means it was Sarika here yesterday.

Ishita stops Sarika and states your game is around, I do know quite a bit but desire to hear truth of the matter from you. Sarika asks what truth of the matter. Ishita claims genuinely, don’t you understand, why did you try this, convey to me. Sarika says I m sorry and cries. Ishita claims you are feeling almost everything will be good indicating sorry.

Sarika claims you are aware of Romi is just not Operating, Rohit’s bills are escalating, Raman is taking care of all property expenditures, I don’t wish to check with revenue from you, I don’t desire to rely and lied. Ishita asks what would you necessarily mean. Sarika says I m looking at Raman is taking care of dwelling obligations, I stated Romi that he should do something, he should really add to property, he will get offended, I sense ashamed to talk to cash and needed to earn, Romi created me leave initial occupation, so I lied which i m unmarried to work right here, Romi is familiar with this, we didn’t let you know all. Ishita asks ended up you hiding this. Sarika claims Sure, what did you’re thinking that.

Ishita says we’ve been all family members, we have been there for Rohit, I assure you we will generally stand along with you even if you don’t want. Sarika thanks her. Ishita asks Sarika did she see any one from their household or acknowledged folks in this article During this hotel. Sarika suggests I have seen Mihir, I have concealed observing him, I didn’t want him to know I operate here, I noticed him yesterday evening at 9pm. Ishita will get stunned. Sarika asks Ishita not to inform anyone. Ishita asks her not to worry. Sarika many thanks her and leaves. Ishita states I m back to exact point, its not Sarika and can’t be Mihir, I m doubting on my family and friends.

Ashok calls on Shagun’s number and is shocked hearing Shagun. He says it means she is alive.

Written Update By Amena


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