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Woh Apna Sa 31st July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Nisha is excited for teej and shows bangles to Neha, she asks Kaki to select some too. Kaki calls for Jhanvi, Nisha says why are you calling her? she shouldnt come in teej celebrations, she is already upset regarding her husband, she will be hurt to come here. Jhanvi comes there and hears it. Nisha says we should send her away, its useless to keep her here today. Jhanvi says relations dont see gain, maybe my husband is not here but our hearts are joined forever. Nisha says why you are doing all this for a person who left you? you dont deserve to get hurt like this, Jhanvi feels bad and leaves. Jhanvi goes to a corner and is in tears. Adi comes there and stands behind her. Jhanvi says what are you doing? all are in lounge, Adi says so what? its more adventurous to do all this sneakily, I

told you I will make this day special for you, Adi brings out bangles he brought for her and makes her wear it, Piya re plays as Jhanvi lovingly gazes at him. Adi smiles at her and moves closer, she blushes. Kaka calls Adi. He comes there, Jhanvi feels shy and leaves. Kaka says to Adi that we have to cook food for our wives today, Adi nods. Nisha comes to Adi and asks which bangles should I buy? Adi says whatever you want, he leaves with Kaka. Jhanvi sees this and looks at her bangles, she smiles knowing Adi didnt choose it for Nisha.

All men of Adi’s house come in kitchen, Kaka says I wont be fit in apron, we have got chance to please our wives so we will make most delicious food. Adi says what are we making? Baba says we dont know to cook. Raj says Google will tell us every recipe.

Nisha meets mehndi appliers. Nisha offers them refreshments but they say they have fast. Nisha says me, Kaki, and Neha will apply mehndi. Kaki says Jhanvi too. Jhanvi says I am keeping fast. Nisha says I dont know your situation but I know its not easy for any wife to stay away from her husband, why are you doing this? dont you have self respect? One mehndi applier says did her husband leave her? I would never keep fast for a person like that. Kaki says if she wants to fast then who are we to stop her? maybe her prayers are so strong that she gets reunited with her husband. Nisha says it only happens in movies only but I really hope you and your husband become one again as you want.

Men are cooking in kitchen. Baba says what are we doing? Adi is smelling spinach, Raj is playing with flour and Kaka is playing with knife. Baba says we have to make dishes, Raj says I have to make sabzi that Neha likes. Baba says Asha potato dish, Adi says Jhanvi likes.. I dont know what Jhanvi likes. Raj says then find out, we have to make favorite dishes of our wives, Adi says I will go and ask her, Raj says you need excuse to talk to Jhanvi, Adi smacks him on head and leaves.

Mehndi applier says to women that we put husband’s name in mehdni design and if husband is not able to find it then he has to gift wife. Kaki thinks how Jhanvi will be able to write Adi’s name on her hand openly. Nisha asks mehdni applier to write Adi’s name on her hand. Adi comes there, Nisha says see I got your name on my hand. Mehndi applier asks Jhanvi what should they name should they write on her hand? Adi looks on. Jhanvi says write ‘A’, Adi looks on and leaves. Mehndi applier says Nisha and Jhanvi’s husband’s name start with same letter thats why they are friends, seems like they have old connection, Kaki looks on.

Jhanvi is walking in corridor when Adi pulls her inside store room. He caresses her face, they both get lost in each others eyes, tere sang yara plays. Adi leans in to kiss her but she moves away, Adi holds her hand and comes closer to her, she blushes, Adi hugs her from behind, they both feel peace in each others arms, Adi turns her around and pins her to wall, he tucks her hair behind her ear and smiles. Jhanvi says Adi.. you cant kidnap me in broad daylight. Adi says if my wife becomes so busy then I have to kidnap her, by the way you are not as bad as you seem, Jhanvi says you seem jealous, Adi says I am. Jhanvi says I wrote AVI on my hand with mehndi, you know Adi and Avi both means sunlight and if we join your and my name then it would be AVI. Adi smiles and kisses her forehead. Adi asks Jhanvi whats her favorite dish? Nisha starts searching for Adi in house. She comes near store room and calls out for Adi. Jhanvi is about to tell Adi her favorite dish but Nisha opens door, Jhanvi hides behind door before Nisha can see her with Adi. Nisha says Adi what are you doing in store room? I was searching you, Adi says I was searching some files, Nisha says I have applied mehndi so I cant help you, see I have your name written on my hand, find it. Adi searches it. Nisha says you are smart, you know they say that if mehndi’s color is dark then husband loves wife a lot and I guess I am very lucky, why you are tensed? Adi says nothing I am just busy in cooking, Nisha says I am waiting to taste it, you find your file, I am leaving. She turns to leave but stops and looks at Adi. She asks Adi how he has mehndi stain on his shirt? Adi says maybe mehndi applier didnt like my shirt and spoiled it, Nisha says how dare she? Adi says it must be Chinni and Binni, I was with them and they must have mistakenly touched my hand. Nisha says I will go and see them. Adi runs behind her.

Nisha comes to kids but Chinni and Binni runs away seeing her. Nisha says to Adi that why kids runaway from me? Adi says they warm up to new people late, they are kids and will be fine with you soon, Nisha pouts and leaves.

Kids come to Jhanvi and hugs her. Binni says to Jhanvi that we are scared of mama, please send her to her home. Jhanvi says dont be scared, you both are brave and I wont let anything happen to you both, promise me to not be scared. Chinni says we promise. Chinni says I love you Jhanvi Maa.. Jhanvi is stunned and says what did you say? Chinni says Jhanvi Maa.. Jhanvi gets elated and says please say it again. Binni and Chinni both say Maa to her, Jhanvi gets happy and hugs them.

PRECAP- Adi says to Baba that I knew Nisha is doing drama, why would doctor call her if she is not doing drama? Baba says it means she is playing with our emotions. Adi says I knew this woman can never become good, I have to catch her red handed, Jhanvi feels so bad for her and doing so much for her, I have to catch her drama and for that we will play along with her drama and catch her in her own web.

Written Update by Atiba

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