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Vishkanya 13th April 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Kumkum bringing police and sniffer dog to Kalpana’s house to search animal. Police starts searching house. Malay sees them coming and hides in Apu’s room. Kumkum enters Apu’s room with dog and inspector searches whole room. Dog gets afraid of Apu and sits silently. Kumkum says dog must be definitely here. She checks Apu’s items and asks why she is keeping so many tulsi leaves. Kalpana says Apu consumes tulsi leaves with herbal medicines. She silently locks cupboard and asks inspector if they found anything. He says no and walks out. She asks Malay not to jump from window this time as everyone are on street. She asks Apu to open cupboard once she leaves and not let him go as she needs to talk to him.

Kalpana takes everyone down and asks inspector to search other houses also. Dog starts barking seeing locked door. Kalpana gets tensed. Kumkum insists to open door. Kalpana says it is justa store room with old furniture. Kumkum continues to insist. Kalpana opens door hesitantly and looks at locked cupboard. Police checks whole room and says nothing here. Kalpana says unnecessarily they are smelling dust. Kumkum sees locked door and insists to open it. Kalpana says it is an empty cupboard and opens lock. Kumkum looks at cupboard and is about to touch mirror when Rashik stops her and asks if she does not want to check other house. Kalpana relaxes and brings out everyone. Inspector thanks her for cooperation. She says she should thank Kumkum instead for showing concern for neighbors. Kumkum angrily leaves with everyone.

Kalpana goes to Apu’s room and asks Malay why did he come from window. He says he saw her in hospital today rushing hurriedly, so he thought someone must be ill. She says she had gone to meet Apu’s doc who gave a good news that Apu is healthy now and she can go out normally. She asks him not to come from window to meet his special friend. He says he will not. She says he can come from main door. He thanks her and leaves. He reaches home repeatedly looking at Kalpana’s house. Kumkum sees that and thinks of informing Nandita.

Kalpana goes to store room, opens cupboard and mirrow door and goes into secret room with food and asks someone who is she.

Precap: Precap will be added soon.

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