udaan colors tv

Udaan starts with the jaagaran going on and Tejaswini telling the children story of Krishna’s birth the children ask her if Imli(Vidhi Pandya)  will have a child like that and she says yes. Vivaan(Paras Arora) hears this and walks out angrily, Chakor(Meera Deosthale) and Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) notice this . Chakor asks Suraj to follow Vivaan and find out what is wrong. Suraj talks to Vivaan while Chakor talks to Imli. Both Imli and Vivaan respectively say a different story to Suraj and Chakor. Suraj asks Vivaan to be patient with his wife and also goes on to praise his Chakor saying he does not have to do much to understand her. While Chakor tells Imli to be patient with Vivaan as he gets angry pretty soon, this irritates Imli as she says she is Vivaan’s wife and she does not need to understand from Chakor about him and his anger. Chakor is left stupefied by her anger as she does not understand why Imli is behaving like this. Vivaan drags Imli to the room and now confronts her about what she did.Vivaan asks Imli why she decieved him and his family. Imli says she did nothing wrong to have lost the child just one day she had a miscarriage. She also says she did not say anything because after everyting she had finally got Vivaan back and she did not want him to go again. Vivaan does not believe this and he asks her to have atleast spoken to Chakor or Suraj about it as both of them had stood by her when he had not. Imli accepts her mistake but Vivaan refuses to trust her ever again, he says she has lost the child and also him. Imli tries in vain to remind him of their love and their times togther, Vivaan walks away pushing her and tells her he does not want to be around her.


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