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Udaan 9th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chunni saving her friend from getting hit by the bike. She consoles her friend and buys balloons. Bhaiya ji and Manohar look on. Chunni thinks it was police inspector doing this. Bhaiya ji does the inspector’s aid and asks who will pay for this, I won’t pay anything. The inspector tells his plan.

Chunni comes there and records everything. She tells them that she has got it recorded. They ask Chunni to delete it. Bhaiya ji and Manohar request her. Chunni says this video will go in all police stations and media. Bhaiya ji apologizes and says we did this to take you along. Chunni asks for 40 lakhs. Manohar asks did she get mad. Chunni says 50 lakhs. Bhaiya ji agrees to give her 50 lakhs. Chunni smiles and her friend is shocked.

Chakor gets sad and recalls Kasturi. Aditya comes and asks what is she thinking. Chakor tells Aditya and Vivaan about Kasturi. Vivaan tells his plan to celebrate Diwali with Kasturi and she will recall everything. Bhaiya ji gives money to Chunni and shakes hands. He says his conditions. He says you are Chakor from today, not Chunni. Chakor says fine Vivaan, I will celebrate Diwali as Chakor with my mum.

Bhaiya ji asks Chunni is she happy, the deal is done. Manohar asks Chunni to answer them. Chunni opens her hair and asks does she look mad now. Bhaiya ji says this won’t work if you look mad. Chunni says you said Chakor has gone mad. Bhaiya ji says Manohar will train you. Chunni asks how much money will she get to attend training, apart from 50 lakhs for going to Aazaadgunj. Manohar scolds her.

Bhaiya ji says fine, we will give 2-3 lakhs more for training. She asks him not to waste time, and teach what they want. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to change her language and teach her how Chakor used to talk. Manohar asks her to remove Chunni’s attitude, as Chakor is poor and her father is Bandhua. He says just be subtle and talk in low tone.

He asks her to see how to talk. Chunni acts. Manohar says amazing, she is saying better than us. Bhaiya ji says yes, she will really do the work. Chunni smiles. Chakor talks to her friends and recalls Kasturi. She plans to meet Kasturi as Chakor. They recall what happened in last Diwali and think to repeat the same things.

A van comes and Imli asks whats this. They see the crackers and get glad. Imli recalls this happened last year too and tells them. She says last year Chakor has sent, who has send this year. The man says I don’t know. Chagan says it will be Chakor who has sent this. Kasturi cries and looks on. Imli says Chakor has died, don’t joke. Kasturi thinks whats all this, Chakor had died and left me. She cries seeing them argue.

Chakor tells Baa that she has sent very good crackers, and better than last year. Baa smiles and asks how did you know the crackers of last year. Chakor gets tensed. Baa asks did Chakor tell him. Chakor says yes. Baa says yes, I know Chakor’s ghost has sent this crackers. Chakor hugs Baa. Vivaan tells Chakor that Kasturi did not react anything. Amma says I m sure when Chakor goes infront of Kasturi, everything will be fine. Chakor smiles.

Manohar trains Chunni and she shouts asking him to say sorry. Chunni says she has some conditions for them.

Written Update By Amena


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