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Udaan 29th May 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor asking for Ajay. Inspector says he went out, he will come. She keeps gun and tells that inspector has left without taking the gun. Ajay comes and says yes, I was in hurry and left the pistol. Chakor turns to him. She says strange, what was the work that inspector left pistol. He checks and says 4 bullets are left. She says yes, I used 2 bullets to scare goons, it saved someone’s respect. He says its good. She says I came to meet inspector Ajay Khurana. Inspector says he is the one, Ajay. Chakor sees Ajay’s name badge and says sorry, I m glad to meet you.

He looks at her and smiles. She says I think he is lost somewhere, say my thanks to him, I will come later. She goes. Sukhiram asks Ajay why did he not give number to her. Ajay says count got over seeing her, go and
do work. Chakor meets Chagan and says Ajay did not say anything, he looks honest, I wanted to thank him. She turns and sees Suraj. Suraj says I need to talk to you. She says I don’t want to talk, stay away. He says I can’t stay away from you. He sees her neck and asks where’s mangalsutra, so you removed it.

She says yes now you would know we had a raw thread relation between us, its over now. She gives him mangalsutra, now I m not indebted to you. She goes. Mahiya…..plays… Suraj looks at her. Chagan says Vivaan and Ragini are going to meet Ajay, Ajay has called them. Chakor says maybe Ajay is also like others. Chagan says how would we know this is true.

Vivaan and Ragini come to jungle. Ragini says I feel someone is following me, I don’t like this place. He asks why did he get this place. She says he is smart to choose this place to do his work. Ajay comes. Ragini says policemen should learn a way to do business by you. Vivaan says you should have told us before, we know you are a shark, not small fish. Ragini says we can fill shark’s stomach. Vivaan asks him to not catch his trucks. Ragini says then see how our relation goes ahead. Ragini turns to see. Ajay says its just us here, no one else.

Chakor hides and looks on. Vivaan asks Ajay to take money and count, its 10 lakhs. Chakor says Ajay is also like others. Vivaan says you can get bonus and money every month, have fun, we will go. Chakor says greedy…. Ajay kicks the suitcase. They stop and get shocked. Chakor smiles. Vivaan asks what did you do. Constables come and click Vivaan and Ragini’s pic. Ajay says this is called sting operation.

He says you tried to bribe policeman and make illegal guns, you both will be going jail now. He arrests them. Vivaan says you know my contacts, leave me. Ajay says I know everything and ignore it. Ajay goes. Chakor comes to Vivaan and Ragini. She smiles. She says you were making guns by kids, this had to happen. Ragini says change my name if this lock is not opened today. Chakor says we will see.

Suraj asks Imli what is she doing, we are getting late, appointment should not be missed. She says you don’t need to come along, I can go alone, you did many favors on me. He asks what are you saying, I m not doing any favor, I m doing favor on myself, in your earlier pregnancy, I left you and Vivaan managed you, I m returning Vivaan’s favor. Bijli comes and says police arrested Vivaan and Ragini. Imli cries and says no, this can’t happen, police can’t arrest Vivaan, I want to go to him. Suraj stops her and asks her to stop worrying for Vivaan. She says no, I m going. He says Vivaan did wrong, this had to happen. She says he is my husband, don’t say anything against him, I know you did a lot for me, I love Vivaan a lot. Suraj asks what’s all this, will Vivaan get happy seeing you, does he love you, he hates you, you care for this baby atleast, if you want to go to Vivaan, go, I won’t stop you. She cries. He leaves. She prays that everything happens like before.

Kasturi asks Chakor where is her mangalsutra. Chakor says mangalsutra got removed on own, if relation is not there, what’s use to keep its sign. Suraj sees mangalsutra and says so much happened between Imli and Vivaan, even then Imli loves Vivaan, much happened between Chakor and me, I m sure she loves me. Chakor wipes her sindoor. Mahiya….. plays…. They cry.

Ajay asks Chakor what can she help in this case. She says who can understand the village problem. Ajay says we are in one team now. They shake hands. Chakor gets shocked seeing Suraj lying unconscious on the road.

Written Update by Amena

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