Udaan 29th July 2016 Written Update

Udaan 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 29th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor getting shocked seeing the media. Suraj says I did not wish to hurt you, I cancelled conference but Chakor wanted to talk to you all. Vivaan says its good media came, I have to announce too. Lakhan says I heard Suraj is giving divorce to Chakor, but matter is different here. Suraj asks media to wait, as they have to do ritual of serving Brahmans. Suraj and Chakor serve food to Brahmans. The media asks Vivaan how did his marriage happen with Imli, when he loved Chakor. Vivaan says its just news, I never loved Chakor, she was just my friend. Chakor cries and recalls their moments. Vivaan says I just loved Imli. Imli says yes. Chakor was dropping food bowl and Suraj holds her, asking her to wait for bigger announcement. Chakor says I can’t do this and cries. Suraj threatens her about Imli, did she feel bad hearing Vivaan’s words.

He asks media to ask Chakor what they want to know. Lady reporter says we heard Suraj is a criminal, but here he is doing Dharm karam work, he looks a noble man. He asks Chakor to answer. Chakor says you all wanted to know why I married Suraj, its because I m helpless, Suraj has threatened me, if I don’t do what he wants, then he will send my innocent sister to jail by blaming her for false crime. Chakor’s imagination ends. Suraj asks Chakor to answer. Chakor praises Suraj and says Suraj is innocent, the blames on him were wrong, if he did any crime, he would have been in jail, he is a good person. Suraj smiles. The lady says Chakor is a liar, and throw stone at her. The people hurt Chakor angrily and call her liar. Chakor gets hurt. Vivaan worries for her. Suraj asks who did this, and asks Girja to get aid.

Media reporter says sorry, we don’t have time, Chakor tell us why did you change divorce decision. Suraj says she loves me, why will she give divorce. Reporter says but Chakor said Suraj is criminal. Chakor says Suraj is saying true. Reporters say you cheated us, we can’t trust you again. Chakor says I completely trust my husband. Suraj asks her to come and rest, she got hurt. Later, Suraj sits and sees the news, as reporters tell positive about him. Vivaan and Imli get annoyed and leave. Tejaswini tells Ranjana that Vivaan praised Imli, you did not say anything.

Ranjana says if I said, Vivaan would know I m against Imli, we have to think of something else. Tejaswini says we should use Imli’s weakness. Ranjana says I know, her weakness is your son. She goes. Suraj tells Chakor that she did great, we will celebrate all night here, I will call my friends, I want my wife to help me in arrangements.

Chakor tells Suraj that she will not entertain his friends. She goes. Tejaswini says I have to use my son to make Imli leave from this house. Suraj calls his friends. Chakor goes to the village and says my 10 years hardwork got ruined because of that Suraj, the world thinks I m liar, what shall I do. She cries and says I did all this as there is secret behind doing this. Vivaan and Imli come. Vivaan says all secrets are revealed, you did a lot to free this village, you got this price, this stone which made you injured, why did you do this.

Chakor says I know you are not happy with this. Imli says happy, and holds Chakor. She says I can’t say how much happy I m, today media was happy, and villagers would be dancing. Chakor says if you like to make fun of me, fine, I deserve this. Imli says you love Vivaan, I loved Suraj and told you, you did not say you love Suraj, you did not like Suraj, why did you do this.

Vivaan says world knows Chakor loves Suraj, she can do anything for Suraj, I m happy this truth is out. Imli says truth is Chakor did this swapping. Vivaan says Imli, give her wishes and pray that their love does not get any bad sight. Chakor says I did not do swapping, believe me. They ask Chakor to prove it. Chakor says fine, I will make Suraj admit that he has swapped the brides. She leaves. Vivaan and Imli look on.

Suraj celebrates with his friends. They drink wine. Chakor comes there and gives them juices and snacks. His friend says you cleared his image, you changed him, he was goon in college. She keeps her phone there and says yes, I heard his stories and fell in love with him. his friend asks how did you get in picture, Suraj was marrying Tina. Suraj says actually… Chakor says Tina has run away from mandap. They ask what, really, how did this happen. She says I think I told a lot, I will get more snacks. His friend says no, tell us how did Tina run away. She laughs and I made Tina run away. His friend asks what happened then.

She says Suraj thought he was marrying Tina, I wanted to marry him, Suraj thought I love Vivaan, I fooled Imli and told her that I m making her marry Suraj, as she loves Suraj too. Suraj asks her to end this story, else it won’t be good. His friend says let us hear it out. Chakor says I think I did mistake, Suraj will say, did he trap me, or did I trap him. She says you trapped me, tell me. She thinks Suraj will say truth today, so that Vivaan and Imli know truth.

Suraj tells his friends that he fooled Chakor, she made Tina run away, I got to know about her plan, Chakor was marrying Vivaan, but I fooled them by swapping brides. It all gets recorded in phone. Chakor says now Vivaan will know truth after hearing this truth.

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