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Udaan 27th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suraj asking Bhaiya ji to tell Tejaswini. He says I called you Papa, can I call you Papa. Bhaiya ji says if you call me Papa or not, I will always be your Papa, some relations don’t end even after death. He hugs Suraj. He gets a message and smiles thinking his dreams will be fulfilled. He laughs and says Agarwal ji sends amazing videos, I m leaving for some imp work. He goes. Tejaswini says I have to prepare for puja, Chakor would be coming. Suraj smiles.

Kasturi makes Chakor ready. Chakor says I m thinking to go and see kids, if they reached well, if their training started soon. Kasturi says kids are safe and happy, think about Suraj, its big day today, its your engagement, this puja is imp for you and Suraj. She makes her wear chunri and compliments her. Chakor recalls Suraj’s

words and says I will just think about our happiness now. Mahiya….plays… Bhuvan comes and compliments her. Chakor gets Bhaiya ji’s call. She says why is he calling me, I hope everything is fine. She answers call. She asks now, I have to go in puja. He asks her to think if her happiness is imp or of villagers. Imli does puja arrangements.

Suraj comes there. Bhaiya ji says I have imp work, I will just come. Tejaswini stops him from going. He says fine, I will go after engagement. He thinks his work will be completed, I m sorry Suraj, Chakor can’t come. Chakor comes there. Bhaiya ji asks why did she come here, will my plan fail this time. Chakor greets everyone. Suraj and Chakor smile seeing each other. Imli takes them for engagement. Suraj and Chakor exchange rings. Everyone claps. She thinks to go and meet Bhaiya ji, Suraj won’t let me go, what to do. Tejaswini asks them to come for rituals. Suraj jokes that he will make Chakor wear his love chains so that she does not run leaving him. They laugh. Chakor thinks what to do. She prays. She gets Bhaiya ji’s message.

She says there is no bhajan happening. Tejaswini asks them to do bhajan. Everyone sings bhajan. Chakor runs out and meets Bhaiya ji. She asks what work do you have. Bhaiya ji says you know why I called you here, since I came out of madness, I have thrown away all thorns except you, you are hurting me since long time, you insulted me here. Suraj says Chakor should understand which thing to do and when, she has switched off phone, if she does not come soon, I will not forgive her.

Bhaiya ji takes Chakor and asks her to recall. She scolds him. She asks what’s kids’ mistake in all this. He says its your mistake, I will not do injustice with you, you are the reason, you always made plans and opposed me, you want to marry Suraj and come to haveli, so that I sit quiet, no I won’t let this happen. Suraj says I will go and find her. Bhuvan and Tejaswini stop him and say she will becoming.

Bhaiya ji says you are my enemy, I will not leave you. She asks where are the kids. He shows the video. The kids ask for help and cry. She scolds him. He says remember what you said, I will use kids and sell them. She asks what price do you want to free the kids, leave them. He says its big day of your life today right. Suraj waits for Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to see what he wants. She sees Suraj’s pic. He keeps phone and photo frame in weigh balance and says we will see which one gets down. He laughs.

Suraj breaks things. Imli asks him to stop it. Vivaan says think why did she leave her engagement. Suraj says she chose others over me. Suraj gets angry and takes pic to throw. Vivaan says you know Chakor well. Suraj says she has kept phone off, she likes to become savior and do things alone, I m not imp for her, she could have gone later. Bhaiya ji says you have to run, your Suraj has set now. Suraj says its nonsense, did anyone point gun at her head to make her leave, she does not respect my love. Imli asks him not to think anything, maybe she needs you, she maybe in problem, till when will we doubt on each other, husband and wife’s relation is of trust. Suraj says yes, maybe you are saying right, I have to find him. He goes. Imli prays for Chakor. Bhaiya ji gives time to Chakor and asks her to decide. He sings and goes. Chakor hugs Suraj’s pic and cries.

Suraj asks where were you Chakor, sorry to talk this way, have water and do puja. She throws the pot and says I don’t want to marry you. She gives the ring back. Mahiya…..plays…. Suraj gets shocked.

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