Udaan 21st November 2016 Written Update

Udaan 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 21st November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor asking Bhuvan about Imli. Bhuvan says she is not here and worries. Chakor and Suraj ask others. She says why did Imli say Vivaan sees me. He says maybe he sees you, we got busy and did not know their problems. She says yes, we should find them. They get shocked seeing Vivaan and Imli having chaat at the stall. Chakor says we are madly finding you. Suraj says you guys are having golgappa here. Imli laughs and asks how did you like our acting.

Vivaan says we failed Ranjana’s plan. Imli says Ranjana called media to spoil your name, Suraj and you started fighting. Suraj asks how do you know. Imli says she has heard Ranjana telling this to Bhaiya ji. Vivaan says then Imli told me everything. Suraj says you both fooled everyone. Imli says I can even kill anyone to save you both. Chakor thanks them. They all join hands and says we will never let them win. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays…………

Ragini tells Ranjana that her plan failed, what was the need to get media, Chakor will get more famous, even Suraj will get a name. Ranjana argues. Bhaiya ji looks on and shouts shut up. He scolds them and says Suraj and Chakor would be laughing, I will think what to do now. Suraj comes home and gets a gun, thinking how director asked bad questions to him. He says I will not leave Bhaiya ji. Chakor stops him and says if you do this, we will lose. She stops him from going.

Suraj asks Chakor to wait and checks who is at the door. He opens the door and aims gun. Imli says don’t shoot, its me Imli. He asks what are you doing here, what do you want. She shuts door and says I know you both are worried, I have a solution. Ranjana asks Ragini to do something, I m scared of his silence. Ragini says don’t worry, I will do something. She says I have an idea. Bhaiya ji says keep it, you are good in spoiling things, I don’t trust you and Ranjana. Ragini says please listen for the last time, I got you out of jail, I have loyal men who will kill Suraj. He shouts on her and says I will punish Suraj. He recalls the bandhua stamp.

Imli says you wanted to know where Ragini made plans to free Bhaiya ji from jail, one man can help us. Chakor asks who. Imli says his name is Yogesh bhai. Chakor asks who is he. Imli says he is a goon, who takes hafta from every house near by jail area.

Chakor says its good news, Suraj we should meet Yogesh. Suraj says no, he is a criminal, I don’t want to meet him. Chakor asks why. Imli says I have the answer. Suraj asks Imli not to say. Imli says Suraj knows Yogesh, he dislikes him as he lost to him in arm wrestling. Suraj says no, he made me lose focus that day. Chakor says this is not kiddish, we want evidence against Bhaiya ji, Yogesh will help us. We will go to meet him tomorrow. Imli says I will be ready. Suraj thinks to stop Imli else truth will come out.

Tejaswini falls down as the bed breaks. Kasturi scolds her as her mum gave her the bed in her marriage. Tejaswini and Kasturi argue. Bhuvan says we will sleep now, and talk in morning. Tejaswini asks how will I sleep on ground. Kasturi asks where will you sleep then, sleep on ground. Bhuvan says I will do arrangements. He gets carpet and pillow.

Vivaan gets ready. Imli makes him have sugar and curd. He hugs her. She says its your first day today, I wish your life is filled with happiness, you are a nice man I know Raunak will be glad seeing your work, I will go and keep tiffin ready. Suraj comes to talk to Vivaan. Vivaan says you are going to meet that man with Suraj and Chakor, whats his name. She says Yogesh bhai. He asks her to take care. She goes. Suraj meets Vivaan. Vivaan asks from whom are you hiding. Suraj says from Imli. Vivaan asks why. Suraj says you have to help me, we are going to risky place, can you stop Imli. Vivaan says then no one of you can do there. Suraj says no, that man knows me, but he dislikes Imli, maybe he does not give me info about Ragini and Bhaiya ji, you stop Imli anyway. Vivaan asks how. Suraj says stop her, this is good for me, and everyone. Vivaan says fine, I will do something. Suraj thanks her and goes.

Suraj goes to Chakor and asks her to come. She says let Imli come. He says Imli will be with Vivaan, come. Imli says give me two mins, I will give tiffin to Vivaan and come. Suraj says we are getting late and calls Vivaan. He asks Imli to go and get him. Vivaan comes. Imli gives tiffin and asks him to share food with Raunak. Suraj signs Vivaan. Vivaan asks Imli to come with him to office. She says but how, I m going with Chakor and Suraj. Vivaan says let them go alone, I was thinking if you come with me, you can meet Raunak. Imli recalls meeting Raunak. She gets worried and says if Vivaan knows truth, he will get angry. Suraj thinks Imli should go with Vivaan. Chakor sees Suraj signing Vivaan.

Goons beat up a man. Chakor says Suraj, we should stop them. She beats the goons with a stick. A goon goes to hit her, and Suraj stops him.

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