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Udaan 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Imli what is she doing, I m your sister. Imli says I did not come to welcome you, I came to take you. She asks the goons to put Chakor in car. They leave. Aditya does not find Chakor and gets worried. He calls someone to get help. Kasturi is happy. Bhuvan asks her to get money to get food for Chakor. She refuses and says I will manage. He says money is necessary to get food. She says I will better die, Chakor did not take money after winning race, it was of her hardwork, she did not take that because money is not her aim, her aim is freedom, something bigger, don’t know how did Chakor bear things in 10 years, I m proud that Chakor did not forget her morals and aim, unlike you and Imli.

Vivaan wakes up and asks Tejaswini why did Laali keep waste items in my room. Tejaswini says I will arrange it. Vivaan says I will arrange it. She asks him to sit and have food. Ranjana looks on. Tejaswini acts sweet. Vivaan recalls Ranjana’s slap and says I can eat even poison from Tejaswini’s hands. Tejaswini says I m glad seeing this trust, that’s why you are my fav, have food. She sees Ranjana standing outside and says you snatched my husband, and I snatched your son, scores equal right.

Imli stops the car and asks the man to get tea for her. Chakor says I feel you are joking with me Imli, or you are not my Imli. She says but you look like Imli only. Imli claps and says you identified me now, its all over now. The man gives tea to Chakor, and Imli scolds the man. She says Chakor is not our guest. Chakor gets shocked and says you changed a lot, you are not that Imli who blindly believed me. Imli says yes, that’s my mistake. Imli calls Chakor selfish as she went away with Arjun. Chakor says you feel it was easy for me to go from here, I missed you all. Imli asks why did you not turn to see us, we were in more pain here, we don’t want your favor now, Bhaiya ji says right about you, you are a cheater. Chakor asks what, do you work for Bhaiya ji. Imli says yes, I have to handover you to Bhaiya ji. Chagan calls Imli. Imli says yes, I caught Chakor, I will give her to Suraj, I won’t bring her to village, Suraj is giving me prize for this. Chakor says I have come now, leave this job for Bhaiya ji, I got this new doll for you. Imli says I play with guns now, not with dolls. She throws the doll. Chakor recalls little Imli and gets sad. Imli scolds the man and takes Chakor in the car.

Suraj tells his man that he will win, Imli will get Chakor, I did not do mistake to send Imli for this work. Imli gets Chakor and shows him. Suraj says you got my enemy, you are really commendable, let me see Chakor, how a bandhua looks after going to city. He sees Chakor. Suraj asks Chakor to get friendly with them and join hands, as Imli did. Chakor scolds him. Suraj says you are still the same, Imli is very loyal to me, more than my dog. Chakor says I will not leave you. Suraj says I won’t leave you either, we will talk about love later, first I will take you to Bhaiya ji, for whom I got you here. Bhaiya ji recalls how Chakor flew with Arjun. He looks at the dupatta and recalls her statement. Chakor is dragged there and Bhaiya ji angrily stares at her.

Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that you don’t know my fan ship. He says you don’t know the power of my rule. She says there is big power than rule, that’s fame, and gets all reporters there.

Written Update By Amena


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