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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji Maha Episode 30th July 2017 Written Update

Uma checks Shiv’s wound and says it has healed a lot and he has to take one last dose. Shiv excitedly says he can play now and raises hand to hifi. Uma reminisces Kanak showing hifi and does same. Shiv runs and clashes with Kanak. Kanak get worried. Payal shows her fake concern and does not let Kanak touch him. She says Shiv that she kept toy in his room. Shiv runs to his room happily. Payal tells Maasi that she spoke to her maa who suggested to do Shiv’s nazar. Maasi looking at Kanak says she is right, Shiv’s nazar has to be taken out and asks Saras to tell Gabba to call pandit and asks Payal to take out pooja items. Kanak asks how can she help. Maasi asks her to not come near pooja place. Saras signals Maasi at Uma. Maasi say she is not afraid of Uma, even he knows

what Kanak did. Uma says Maasi is right and asks to arrane poja. Kanak stands shattered.

Maasi does pooja in Maasa’s room and tells her that she is getting pooja for Shiv and knows Payal wants to show her superiority over Kanak, but until it is good for family, she does not care. She asks to ring bell if she needs anything and walks towards door. Maasa rings bell. Maasi says she knows her blessings are with her.

Kanak reminisces Shiv’s fondness for her and Maasi warning her to stay away from Shiv. She thinks she has to finish her goal and not fall in all this. Pooja starts. Curtain in Maasa’s room catches fire. Maasa rings bell. Kanak hears bell and runs down. Payal sees her and asks Maasi what is jiji doing. Maasi scolds Kanak she ordered not to come down. Kanak runs to Maasa’s room and tries to set off fire with blanket. Maasi hears bell sound from Maasa’s room and runs calling Uma. They see Kanak setting off fire. Uma lift Maasa and asks if she is fine. Kanak relaxes and they all looks at her. Maasi thanks Kanak for saving Maasa and says she can ask even her life in reward, she will get whatever she needs. Kanak looks at Payal and asks Maasi to give all property, wealth and locker keys to her. Payal comes out of her imagination and says no…Maasi asks what happened. Payal thinks if what Kanak really takes over everything. Kanak asks Maasi to free her from all patni pariskhas/exams. Uma says it is to gain trust, then comes out of imaginationand thins if she will ask it. Kanak asks Maasi to give her one more chance to be Shiv’s bhabi, she will not do any mistake again. Shiv happily hugs her. She emotionally says she will not do mistake again. He says keep quiet and hugs her. Kanak gets very happy.

Kanak feeds kulfi to Shiv. He says he likes dry fruit kulfi a lot and asks her to have some. She says no. He feeds and it falls on her nose. She tries to lick it with her tongue. He says she cannot, if she eats kulfi with him daily, then her tongue will elongate. Kanak jokingly runs behind him to hit. He runs laughing. She stops seeing Uma and asks how did he come to kitchen instead of yoga class. He says he has a doubt. She says he must be thinking why did she ask Shiv instead of forgoing 2 exams. He nods yes. She says her selfless love was questioned, when she loves someone, she goes to any extent and if she hates her, she goes to any extent. Serial’s title song…plays in the background. He says he is seeing how much family knowledge she has and she amazed him. She smiles.

Ved informs Vansh that Pavan was Mishri’s son, Meena used to blindly trust Mishri and Vikram took blame on him not to break her trust on Mishri. Vansh says Meena chachi is blaming Vikram and Babasa is blaming Bhabho since then and they taunt them so much, it is wrong. Ved says it is in their blood, even their parents were together till their death and never broke trust, even Kanak ran away from family for her love. Vansh reminisces Kanak telling that Uma forcefully married her and she is staying with him as he owns Bhabho’s shop, she will stay with him and get it back. He says why don’t we clear differences between family now. Ved says it is not that easy now.

Kanak wakes up in the morning and thinks she has only 3 days to get back Bhabho’s shop, else Vansh will come here with police force. She sees Uma meditating and thinks when will he wake up and tell what is her next exam. She goes near him and asks when will vishwamitra break is tapasya and see menaka. He opens eyes. She asks how did he open eyes so early. He says krishnaji woke him up. She thinks he is sitting in front of Shivji and talking about Krishnaji, if he has gone mad. He says he is not mad, he is going for a pooja at Krishna mandir and leaves. She thinks how he understands what is in her mind, Krishnaji is helping him.

Vansh says Ved that he is getting out of ideas how to clear Meena and Vikram’s differences. Ved says even he is confused because of him. He see papers in Vansh’s books and asks what is it. Vansh snatches and says they are love letters which he got in college. Rani passes by carrying washed clothes and hears their conversation. She asks Golu to write her a love letter. Ved says Vansh it is a best idea to rekindle Meena and Vikram’s romance. Ved writes love letter sitting in their sweet shop and Vansh helps him. They hope if Vikram and Meena reunite, it will be shraddhanjali for their parents. Golu tries to write letter for Rani and takes fruit vendor’s help. Ved finishes letter and gets an idea of sending letter via laundryman.

Uma chats with Maasi in living room. Kanak passes by and her dupatta stucks. She turns and tires to free it. Uma also bends to free it. Maasi silently watches it. Jokes start. Knak asks Maasi what will be her next exam. Maasi says she will perform dhairya pariksha. Kanak says she means courage. Maasi says yes. Uma says if she can perform rambha parisksha. Maasi asks him to have patience.

Maasi asks Kanak to create Krishnaji and Radhaji’s image with pulses/daals and gives sample paper photo. Kanak asks if it is for next year, what about this year. Maasi gets angry. Kanak thinks why Krishnaji is examining her so much. Maasi gives moral gyaan. Uma joins her. Kanak says she will do as they say and pass exam. Uma gives moral gyaan next and says she has to clear exam if she has to get what she needs. Kanak says she will.

Precap: Suman tells Saraswati that she can sit here as Meera, she will examine Kanak’s courage. She eats sweets in front of Kanak and leaves keeping plate in front of her purposefully. Kanak extends hand towards sweets.

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