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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st July 2017 Written Update

Kanak reminisces Maasi telling every year they send handmade Radha-Krishna Jhoolan from their house, this year she has to prepare it on sandalwood frame with pulses/daal. She thinks how can she prepare it being hungry all day. She imagines Uma telling she has to clear one more exam, rambha pariksha. She shouts no…thinks she has to clear dhairya/courage pariksha and have to look at Uma’s good qualities and forget how he married forcefully. Uma calls her and says she has to prepare portrait by 5 p.m. She says coming swami.

Suman provokes Palomi that she is preparing gum for Uma while Kanak has taken over her place. Palomi says she has to prepare gum for Uma and does not have time for her chat. Suman says she has become Meera here and Kanak has become Radha, she will

ruin Kanak’s dhairya pariksha at any cost.

Kanak prepares portrait on sandalwood frame with Uma and says he is so famous in Ladnu and can win if he stands in an election, he must be feeling proud of himself. He says they should boast about god’s given gift. She says even then he must be feeling proud of himself sometime. He says yes when people say his wife is so beautiful. She stops and feels nervous. Serial’s title song..Diya aur baati hum..plays in the background. She says she will decorate Radha and he can decorate Krishna. He raises hand and it sticks with Kanak’s hand. He forcefully pulls it and gum splashes on Kanak. She angrily shouts what is it, then calms down and says he did right. Suma comes and says Uma that a patient has come. Kanak says she will wash her face by then. Suman says even she is needed there. They both walk to patient. Patient holding crying baby says baby’s mother went to temple, so he had to bring baby alogg. He is feeling severe stomachache. Uma asks him to give baby to his family member while he examines him. Suman says only Kanak Bhabhi can handle baby. Kanak tries to pacify baby. Maasi says baby should be handled gentle and asks to hold her hand under baby’s neck. Kanak does same.

Vansh waits for laundryman to deliver laundry and hopes Meena picks letter. Laundryman comes and Vansh asks Meena to take laundry and do math. Golu also insists Rani to take laundry. Meena and Rani fight for clothes. Golu continues insisting Rani and thinks why Vansh bhaiya is spoiling his love story. Rani sees letter in her bunch of clothes and runs happily. One letter falls from Meena’s bunch. Vansh says this letter is for her, she should read it carefully. Golu thinks he will be punished now. Meena reads it and gets emotional.

Kanak and Uma decorate portrait again. Kanak gets very hungry and thinks how Uma tolerates hunger so easily, she cannot though. She imagines food in pulses and smells bowls. Uma asks what is she doing. She says she saw stone and clearing it. She then smells food. Suman brings food and says it is smelling very pleasant, but Kanak cannot even smell it during fast. Uma goes away to get something. Suman keeps food in front of Kanak, walks aside and watches hiding with Palomi. Kanak gets tempted seeing rasgulla and thinks nothing will happen if he eats one, Suman must have not counted them. Suman smirks.

Precap: Uma scolds Payal that her one mistake spoilt Kanak’s hard work and their ritual. Kanak says ritual will not spil, she will refix portrait.

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