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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th December 2017 Written Update: Kanak Meets Aditya

Kanak thinks she has to find out what is Maasi’s new year’s new beginning. Constable pushes food thali in front of Aditya. Aditya shouts he does not this food. Ved asks Kanak what she is doing. Kanak asks wait and watch, Maasi must have given some clue to Aditya. Aditya sees phone number and message on roti and shouts he is not a dog, they don’t know who he is. Ved says Aditya does not know Maasi’s plan. Kanak says maybe Maasi did not involve Aditya at all.

Rani calls Ved and asks him to give phone to Kanak, says Maasi is not what is seen, she is sitting in cybercafé. Kanak with Rani reaches cybercafé and hides seeing Maasi coming out of cybercafé. They walk in and Kanak asks café owner which computer Maasi used. He shows computer. Kanak checks internet
history, but it is deleted. Kanak says Maasi is a hidden talent, she is against using technology at home and herself is using computer. Rani whistles and says Maasi is multitalented. Kanak takes her out. Maasi comes in front of them smiling. Rani says they followed her and she caught them red-handed and didn’t even get angry. Kanak asks Maasi what is her plan. Maasi says new year’s new beginning and walks away giving them toffee.

Uma comes and asks them what are they doing here. Rani says browsing. Uma says he came here to the nearby market and if Kanak can accompany him to have lassi. Rani says oh..dating.. Uma says nothing like that, even she can join. Rani says she loves lassi a lot, but does not want to be kabab me haddi/hurdle between them. She walks away laughing. Uma takes Kanak to lassi shop. Kanak tastes lassi and says it is very tasty. She lassi seeing lassi moustache on Uma. Uma also laughs. Kanak sees couples having lassi from single glass and tells Uma that they are boyfriend and girlfriend now and they should also romance, else people will think they are fighting. Uma says they are engaged alr3eady. Kanak asks him to give her some gift which she likes. Dog barks, Kanak hugs him tightly. Romantic song plays in the background. Couples smile seeing them. Uma tells Kanak that she is like Aditya who also is afraid of dog and in childhood when dog bit Aditya, Maasi was very worried for the first tie and gave wrong medicine to Maasa. Kanak thinks he should make Aditya angry and know truth from him.

Constable informs Aditya that someone came to meet him. He gets happy that maa came to meet him. Kanak walks in front and taunts t hat his condition is like a street dog now, a millionaire Maasi’s son is a beggar now. Aditya shouts at her to shut up. She continues taunting and thinks today Aditya will be trashed royally. Aditya holds her neck. She shouts for help..

Precap: Uma gets gifts for Kanak via courier and asks Kanak to wear it first. Kanak wears and comes out. Uma closes eyes and says he cannot see.

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