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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th July 2017 Written Update

Vansh angrily says he will not spare Uma. Kanak stops her and says she could breakup with Uma, but when she reached here she saw that Uma is holding Bhabho’s shop. Vansh asks what…Kanak reminisces an old man grabbing Bhabho’s shop and leaving warning them to clear the shop before he returns. She reaches Ladnu to get shop papers when Uma forcefully marries her, she will get shop in 4 days. He says he will not let her even for 4 minutes in Uma’s Lanka. Kanak says he has to wait or Bhabho’s sake and reminds how Bhabho got severely ill and got well because of Kanak mishthan bhandar. He says they all 3 took oath not to separate shop rom Bhabho. She pleads that she did her job and now it is his turn. Vansh calms down. Babasa calls him. Kanak asks him to go. Vansh says
how can he leave her in Uma’s lanka. Kanak says Uma is rude, but follows his rules strictly and will not misbehave with her. Vansh asks what if she falls in Uma’s love. She says when Rajasthan’s mountains fly, she may fall in Uma’s love, until then no.

Uma looks at Kanak’s bangles and reminisces time spent with her. Serial’s title song..mai suraj tu saanjh piya…plays in the background. He thinks soon she will agree to him

Kanak gives kachoris to Vansh and asks him not to give more than one to Bhabho. Vansh says if she does not return in 4 days, he will come here to receive her. She says there will be no need for that, ask brothers to get ready to receive their sister. He hugs her emotionally, says 4 days and leaves looking at her repeatedly. She emotionally stands crying.

Kanak then searches Shiv and asks toy seller if he saw small kid. He says he does not know. She asks people around if they saw small boy. They all nod no. She panics and searches him all around, crying. She finally finds him riding a toy horse and thanks god. Suman sees Shiv and calls him. He falls down. Kanak gets worried and runs to him. Suman asks her to relax, let us go home, Uma will apply medicine. They reach home. Uma applies medicine. Maasi asks how did Kanak fall. Suman says Kanak was not near Shiv when he fell, she tried to hold him, but he fell before that.

Babasa and Bhabho enjoy kachoris. Bhabho says she is enjoying desi ghee onion kachrois after a long time, how did he know she needed it. Vansh says like she understood Uma’s wife needed her blessings. She says Sooraj used to bring her kachoris and he brought without telling. Vansh says Suraj was her shravan and she told god stopped making shravans after Sooraj. She says don’t try to become Shravan, he is better as Vansh. Vansh thinks her shravan is Kanak.

Maasi asks Kanak where did she go leaving Shiv alone. Kanak says she was near him only. Shiva says bhabhisa was near him. Uma scolds him not to speak when elders speak. Maasi scolds if her relatives came to meet her that she left Shiv alone. Kanak says she did a mistake and apologizes. Maasi says people will badmouth that she took care of her sister’s children and not her sister’s devar and devrani’s children. Uma says Shiv and Suman are his chacha chachi’s children who have expired, Maasi took care of even them like own children. Kanak says she took care of them as children. Maasi says emotions have not changed and if an outsider harms them, she cannot tolerate it. Kanak apologizes. Maasi says she will be punished.

Precap: Suman drags Shiv. Shiv pleads Uma not to let bhabhi saa punished. Uma tells Kanak whatever she did with Shiv, she does not have right to give exams. Kanak thinks she has to give exams and get back Bhabho’s shop at any cost before Vansh comes to receive her.

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