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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th July 2017 Written Update

Kanak closing her eyes asks Uma to speak and tell if she passed in test. He says yes with flying colors. She excitedly jumps and falls on him. They booth feel nervous. Serial’s title song mai sooraj tu Saanjh piya….continues. Uma realizes keeping his hand on her waist and removes. They both try to walk away nervously but clash repeatedly. Finally, Uma moves and Kanak walks way. Uma looks at bag. Kanak then keeps a coin in weighing machine and addresses that she could clear test because of Bhabho and soon after another 2 tests, she will win back Kanak mishthan bhandar, it will be Bhabho’s forever.

Maasi tells Uma that Kanak is following her wife’s duty/patni dharm silently and her family did not even come along for rituals, it is good Pushkar’s guests supported

her, else she was crying alone under pallu. She suggests him to keep her happy and take her for shopping to Ladno market. Shiv comes and says even he will accompany them. Maasi says what will he do between them. Shiv insists. Uma requests to let him take. Maasi agrees.

Uma takes Kanak and Shiv on cycle to Ladno market. Shiv says he knows every shop of this market and explains what they get at ach place. Uma stops cycle and asks them to get down. They ask why. He says even he knows everything. Shiv laughs. Kanak says she needs bangles. Uma takes her to bangle shop. She selects bangles. Bangle salesman tries dorn bangles on her wrist. Uma stops him angrily. Kanak asks what happened now. Uma says a stranger cannot touch Uma’s wife. Everyone look around. Owner apologizes Uma and asks to forgive salesman as he is new here. He gives water. Uma asks Kanak to wash her hand and do shuddikaran/purification. Vansh comes to get kachoris and seeing drama from and distance asks kachori vendor what is happening there. Kachori vendor explains situation. Vansh thinks Uma is so disgusting, he is restricting his wife so much, earlier that pallu issue and now this one, anyways it is not his problem, he will enjoy kachoris with Babasa. He buys kachoris and turns and is shocked to see Kanak. Kanak also sees him and tells Uma she needs to shop alone. He says he will accompany her. She insists and says she needs to by undergarments and takes Shiv along. She walks hurriedly and Vansh follows her.

Vikram comes home hurriedly and takes photo under Pavan’s bed, thanks god that Pavan did not see that. Ved comes and says he could not prepare something and asks for help. He also tells why kaaki saa behaves rudely. Vikram says her anger is valid. Ved thinks one incident broke their family.

Kanak walks hurriedly. Shiv asks her to slow down as he cannot walk fast like her. He stops seeing toys. Vansh catches her and asks what is happening here. Kanak asks Shiv to buy toys for him and gets him busy. She takes Vansh aside and asks him to relax. He says he saw everything and will inform family about her marriage, already Bhabho and Babasa are here. She asks him to wait. He asks why she lost her freedom here and reminds how she is being restricted. Argument starts. He asks her to tell truth. She says Uma married her forcefully. He says he will confront Uma then. She request him to give her 4 days. He asks will she take them to her house then. She says no, she will get out of Uma’s house and return to her house. Drama continues.

Precap: Kanak requests Vansh to keep quiet for sometime. Vansh asks what if she falls in Uma’s love. Kanak searches Shiv and he falls from a horse toy. Maasi says Kanak will be punished.

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