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Tu Mera Hero 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Govind and Surekha arguing over the vegetables and dishes. Everyone look on. Surekha asks him to make the list. Govind says fine, the food will be made by this list. Titu says fine, we are ready. They all see the list and Surekha agrees. Keshav comes and says congrats Tau ji, Batuk gave the deal, and we will finalize it on dinner, the meeting went fine, I got to know from his manager about Batuk’s favorite vegetable, gourd…. Titu and Govind are shocked. Titu says gourd is not in the list, they can’t tell the women now, dad has fought with them. Govind says its about business, we have to try.

Titu claims Panchi will be annoyed with me at night, your woman won’t enable anyone consent. Govind claims we all will certainly communicate inside morning, this individual requires these to talk with the spouses. Keshav claims The almighty guide you. Panchi foretells Govind and also Bhagwati and also laugh reading the particular guys. Its morning. Rekha requires Vaishaili exactly why do Mukund keep our engagement ring inside bank locker. Vaishaili requires Rekha in order to have confidence in your ex daughter. Rekha claims absolutely no, needs to be relative, the with regards to engagement ring. Vaishaili informs your ex with regards to chaat and also diverts your ex. Mukund will come and provide the particular engagement ring in order to Rekha.

Rekha receives happy and also stares with the engagement ring. Vaishaili receives bewildered. Mukund signals your ex. Govind acts sweet in order to Surekha and also calls your ex doll. They claims the special day for me and also requires your ex in order to sit. Keshav gardening Bhagwati’s hand while your woman operates a great deal. Bhagwati claims the all taken care of, cooking simply by checklist will be very good. The lady joy. Govind informs Surekha with regards to Batuk, he is on its way for dinner nowadays, he will acquire satisfied simply by foods and give you major long term contract. Surekha claims she’s going to prepare food according to the particular checklist. Keshav claims you can begin the particular checklist via another day, you possibly can prepare food according to Batuk’s option. They claims checklist is good for loved ones. Bhagwati requires exactly why, the his guests and has to nibble on his checklist foods, Surekha will be insistent of which foods will probably be manufactured according to checklist, absolutely no work with to state this specific.

Govind claims My partner and i occasionally acquire angry, forget it Surekha. The lady claims fine, My partner and i didn’t remember, but Going the particular checklist. Bhagwati and also Surekha notify Govind and also Keshav in regards to the listing of almost everything. Keshav claims My partner and i michael i am sorry Tau ji, I did so not feel convincing Bhagwati is challenging. Govind claims the all with Titu today. Titu requires Panchi that they will be mixed up. Panchi claims she actually is busy. They claims this individual wants to enjoy video game using your ex. The lady refuses. They demands.

They requires your ex to be handled by your pet and also reply simply by yes or absolutely no. The lady claims fine, claim. They requires will be your ex brand Sanjana. The lady requires whats this specific problem. They claims simply claim. The lady claims absolutely no. They requires really does your woman dislike your ex mom inside law, really does your woman like romantic shows, your woman loves bad weather party using your pet, being using him…. The lady claims yes. They requires will certainly your woman guide your pet nowadays. The lady claims yes and also surpasses your pet. The lady claims your woman won’t guide. They claims people claimed yes. The lady claims I realize you happen to be sensible, but My partner and i won’t guide. They requires can certainly your woman view your pet inside difficulty. The lady claims alright and in addition they laugh.

Vaishaili pertains to Mukund and also claims you happen to be therefore sensible, the way do people prepare income and obtain engagement ring. They claims My partner and i michael wise, the particular engagement ring will be phony. The lady requires definitely? They claims mom would have received angry, your woman isn’t going to think anyone. Vaishaili many thanks The almighty of which your ex telly will be preserved. Titu pertains to Govind and also claims the work is done, this individual bundled gourd inside the checklist. Vaishaili views these individuals dancing and also claims what exactly do Titu carry out. Panchi is going and also is currently writing gourd alternatively brinjal.

Surekha captures your ex and also requires your ex. Panchi lies and also claims your woman seemed to be composing gourd evidently. Vaishaili claims Panchi will be resting and also exhibits the particular pic inside your ex telephone. Rekha good remarks Vaishaili. Panchi claims Titu manufactured not guilty confront and also explained, so i predetermined. They all laugh. Surekha is going and also argues using Govind. Govind claims they have manufactured Titu do this. Titu requires Surekha to never experience negative. Surekha claims Titu do oversight to aid his pops. Govind claims this individual desires the offer, therefore gourd will probably be manufactured nowadays. Surekha claims we all will certainly prepare food brinjal. Titu informs Govind that they can end up being hurt, they’re going to accept to women of all ages and also apologize. Govind claims absolutely no need to have, we all guys will always make gourd bowl themselves, people women of all ages produce the particular brinjal, tastes our bowl to see, it’ll be a lot more appetizing, even as we guys don’t gossip like women of all ages.

Titu goes toward Panchi and also requires your ex to help your pet. They requires your ex to state formula. The lady claims in the event that Surekha knows… They claims mom won’t understand. Surekha will come and also brings Panchi. The lady scolds Titu. Titu tries over emotional communicate with Surekha and also yowls. Surekha requires your pet to never carry out the particular theatre. The lady requires Panchi to never be in Titu’s words and phrases. Titu claims Bau ji manufactured your pet struggling.

Golu claims Batuk arrived until the particular lane. The particular guys uncover tricky in order to prepare food. Batuk requests for supper. Titu claims Bau ji take care of it.

Written Update By Sahir


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