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Tu Mera Hero 10th October 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero watch online

Govind scolding Surekha about 5 lakhs chadava. He says he has earned by hardwork, and gets angry. Titu teases Rekha and jokes on her. They all laugh. They hear some sound and go to see outside. Vaishaili and Bhagwati go to see and Dimple shuts the door. Govind gets angry seeing the expenses done by family. Surekha says Hema has sent my bahus today, she looks changed. Panchi says its fine, we will talk to them in their way. Dimple does not let them come inside. Hema comes outside and stops them. The ladies say about Garba competition. Surekha and Panchi come to know about Hema competing in Garba and she wants three women.

Hema says Surekha is old fashioned, she can’t dance and jokes on her. Panchi says we also know dance, why are you saying this. Surekha says yes, our dance is so good. Surekha and Panchi challenge Hema, Hema says its professional dance. Surekha says we will win and leaves. The man gives receipt of 5 lakhs to Govind and asks him to do aarti in navratri. Govind asks Keshav to add this amount too.

Titu says he will teach garba to the family women and Surekha is sure to win now. Golu brings the speakers. Govind says we will have to beg for money if we spend in this speed. The teacher makes the family learn small steps first. The women do the Garba. Govind comes home and sees them practicing dance. He asks them not to celebrate, how is he earning, do they care. He scolds Surekha for slapping of 5 lakhs donation. He asks them to pay for 5 lakhs first, then he will think. He asks dance teacher to leave.

He states all of them must obey him in controlling the bills and he has some regulations. Govind tells his procedures to economize and Lower down the charges. He asks them not to employ mobiles, or any transport, He asks them to concur else They are going to be punished.

Titu claims I’m able to’t depart with out AC and feels very hot. Panchi states its not A lot and teases him by putting ice cubes in his vest. She runs and he catches her. They have a passionate moment. She asks him to state sorry and runs to toss chilly h2o. It falls above Rekha. Rekha says her makeup bought bad. She claims Surekha has despatched concept that you should prepare for Garba by hiding. She leaves. Titu and Panchi laugh.

Titu is on how and does not know another person clicking his pic.

Written Update By Sahir


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