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Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Thapki wiping the sindoor, saying she has no place of this fake sindoor in her maang. She cries and says she came here as the bride, but now she is going from here with her pain. She leaves. The family looks on. Diwakar shows the sherwani worth Rs 70000 to his friends. Aditi comes there and hears him. Diwakar taunts Aditi. Manju says Nimmi is giving 21000rs shagun and asks Diwakar to come. Aditi smiles seeing the sherwani and puts the paint on his sherwani. She goes and hides.

Diwakar will come there and asks his pals who has set paint on his sherwani. He sees Aditi and asks did she set paint. She states yes, I’ve carried out this, and scolds him. He retains her hand and a few guy frightened Diwakar viewing him tease Aditi. Aditi talks to Raghav, Krishnakant’s boss’ son. He apologizes from his father’s side and asks why was that dude troubling her. She states its long story, and they’ve a talk.

Thapki walks on the street. Thapki pyaar ki……………plays…………. She recalls Dhruv and gets sad. Dadi is unhappy and states don’t know how are going to be Thapki. Vasundara asks Bihaan to not do everything, as Bau ji will try this he should. Aditi throws junk and it falls on Diwakar. They the two start out arguing. Thapki will come there and sees Diwakar taunting Thapki and Aditi. Aditi scolds Diwakar. Diwakar says Thapki is now ATM for them now. Krishnakant will get unwell. Diwakar says Thapki has arrive. Thapki cries. Krishnakant falls down through the worry. The physician checks Krishnakant and says he will get coronary heart assault if he requires far more tension. Thapki worries. Krishnakant says he is not anxious for Thapki now. Poonam asks her the place is her mangalsutra and sindoor. Thapki recalls. Paan asks Bihaan what will he do now, how can Vasundara check with him to help keep the wedding. Bihaan suggests He’ll do what Vasundara tells him. Thapki helps make excuses and claims she came here without the need of telling any one, as she experienced undesirable dream. Poonam asks her to don mangalsutra and sindoor, as she is married now.

Krishnakant asks Varun to drop Thapki. She suggests no, I’ll go myself, you look after father. Poonam states she will send Varun to deliver Thapki for pagphere. Aditi asks her to get her partner Dhruv along. Thapki hugs Krishnakant and leaves. Dhruv thinks Thapki might have explained to her spouse and children, how would they respond, and phone calls her. Poonam normally takes the decision as Thapki forgot her telephone. Dhruv apologizes and states I must have been there. Poonam suggests Thapki told about her dad by reaching there. He receives stunned and asks how is uncle. She claims he is fine, tell Thapki that her dad is okay. Dhruv states Thapki didn’t convey to truth of the matter because of her father, but where by did she go.

Dhruv says Thapki is not at home, he has to get her. He gets angry seeing Bihaan and says if anything happens to Thapki, he won’t leave Bihaan.

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