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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Shraddha apologizing as she does not know Vasundara’s father’s name. Vasundara says its okay. The lady asks Shraddha to go back, and calls Thapki for the round. She says the winner will be the one who wins this round. The lady asks Thapki with whom is Vasundara’s relation unique. Vasundara writes answer. Thapki says Maa has unique relation with Dadi, they are saas-bahu, but has love and fights like mother-daughter, they are incomplete without each other. The lady says your answer is right. The man asks second question, what is the thing Vasundara is allergic too.

The lady says if you answer right, the score will be equal. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words that she will be happy when Shraddha gets super bahu title. Thapki says sorry, and they all get shocked. The lady says Thapki does not know this, even then she can be equal to Shraddha’s scores. She asks whats Vasundara’s fav novel. Vasundara writes it. The lady asks Thapki to answer. Thapki says I don’t know. Shraddha smiles. The lady asks them to go to their seats.

The lady announces the winner, Shraddha is the super bahu. Everyone clap. Diwakar says I m glad Thapki did not win. Shraddha gets the trophy. Vasundara thinks Thapki acts and does not know me, Shraddha knows me well. Shraddha says I won by your blessings. Vasundara says you did not let my trust break, you have no weakness. She taunts Thapki and praises Shraddha.

Bau ji asks Thapki to come with him and talk. Thapki asks why did you bring me here. He asks why did you do this, I know you lost intentionally. The lady thanks them for organizing competition here and takes him on stage. Thapki goes to kitchen. Shraddha shows the trophy and taunts her. She calls Thapki a loser and scolds her.

Thapki cries and says Maa has allergy with til/sesame seeds, and tells about Vasundara’s favorite novel, and also answers Vasundara’s father’s name, Kailash. She says I don’t need to prove how much I know Maa. Shraddha gets shocked and asks really, why did you not tell that time, you could have won. Thapki says yes, I would have easily won, I would have lost in Maa’s eyes. Maa has high expectations from you, I heard Maa blessing you. She asks her to take care of Maa and lose sometimes, but not let Vasundara lose. She leaves. Shraddha fumes.

Diwakar congratulates Shraddha for her win. He gives her an apple and bites the apple He asks her to take it now and taunts her. He drinks water and gives her the glass. She asks how dare you give me these. He asks whats the problem, you have got everything left over. She asks is he in his senses. He says yes, the award is Thapki’s jhutan/left over, you know Thapki would have easily won the award, but she did not, I heard everything there, its my hobby to hear everything, award is useless, but what about your husband Dhruv, he is also Thapki’s jhutan… She gets shocked.

She calls him a cheap man. He says it means you did not know anything, I will tell you, Dhruv and Thapki were madly in love for each other, they got engaged and their marriage was also fixed. Shraddha gets shocked. He says Thapki is Dhruv’s first and true love.

Shraddha gets angry and tries to kill Thapki.

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