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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Vasundara telling Bau ji they had to go orphanage for his dad’s death anniversary. He suggests he invited fifty Young children in this article and they are able to set up food items for them here. She claims how to arrange foodstuff in 2 hours. He says she will be able to manage and he can help. She jokes. Suman and Rachna say they’ll supervise servants and obtain the foodstuff cooked. Vasundara says servants will not likely work, We are going to Cook dinner and its function to get blessings. Bau ji helps make ghee halwa and asks Vasundara for making butter milk properly. Suman and Rachna support them.

Vasundara asks the servant to receive garments for washing and she or he gets hurt while conversing. Bau ji asks what transpired and sees her hand damage. He asks her to go and implement haldi, he is likely to make the butter milk. Thapki arrives and asks for Dhruv. She sees Bau ji creating the butter milk and greets him. He asks how is she. She suggests she is okay, exactly what is he undertaking. He says its his father’s Dying anniversary and he referred to as Children from orphanage. She states its terrific function, and can help him in building the butter milk. Vasundara will come and smiles seeing her.

Suman claims she has occur once more. Rachna states I could make her go. Vasundara claims she’ll control. Thapki greets her and asks what took place to her hand. Bau ji claims she wants rest and usually takes her. Vasundara receives glad. Suman and Rachna converse that Thapki can impress Vasundara and before that they’re going to impress her. They go and taunt Thapki. Dhruv arrives and sees Thapki Doing work. She says she is glad to discover his plaster removed. He states he referred to as her for office work and he or she is listed here. She says she’s going to like to help you for this fantastic result in. He asks does she know to produce butter milk. She suggests Sure, my mum taught me, but I m making this amount for The very first time. She serves him and asks him to flavor it and say how is it. Tujhko ji paaya…………plays………..

He preferences it and states it needs a lot more salt. She provides some and offers him. He tastes it and likes it. He leaves. Poonam tells everything about Mishras to Krishnakant. Aditi hears them declaring that Mishra gave phony gold ring to Nimmi’s daughter. She receives angry. She states she is going for job interview, but she has imp work and desires them to come. He asks what perform. She claims she is going to notify and asks them to only occur. Suman and Rachna see Thapki building butter milk and get an concept.

They have the goat towards the kitchen and would make the goat consume the butter milk, and spoiling the remainder of it. Thapki gets stunned seeing this. Suman and Rachna say what’s going to they are doing now, the butter milk can’t be produced now. Vasundara looks on and sees Thapki crying. She thinks Regardless of the rationale, Thapki has dissatisfied her quite a bit these days.

Suman and Rachna think Vasundara will kick Thapki out today and chortle. Thapki thinks Vasundara trustworthy her, she has got to do a thing. She hears servant telling about washing device. She gets the equipment with servant’s support and cleans it. He asks what will she do. She states she could make butter milk in it. He asks can it be created On this. She says she has heard butter milk created in this sort of huge devices and she or he is trying. She puts curd, drinking water and salt in it. She commences the device and sees enough time. Suman and Rachna talk to is she washing dresses and asks her to scrub their sarees. Thapki says she’s not washing clothes, she’s creating butter milk. She causes it to be and asks them to taste. Rachna beverages the whole glass in one go and suggests its not so excellent. Suman states she will get Vasundara’s jewellery. Rachna claims the butter milk is built very good. Suman states see what I do now. Thapki preferences the butter milk and likes it. She states Children are going to be coming now and smiles.

Suman asks Thapki to get zeera powder from terrace and Thapki falls inside the h2o tank in attempt to go ahead and take zeera box.

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