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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with family playing dumb charades. Bihaan goes and picks alphabet R. He signs about Rose and Thapki guesses it. Everyone compliment their pairing. Bihaan says Thapki had to guess this as we have memories linked with Rose. They smile. The game continues. Dadi says both teams have equal scores now, the winner will be one who earns a point now. They all ask Dhruv to go. Dhruv asks Thapki not to guess even if she understands. He chooses T and expresses love for Thapki by signing about Tajmahal. Bihaan says we will lose, what is it. Thapki says Tajmahal. Preeti says Thapki had to guess this, as it was sign of Dhruv and Thapki’s love. Bihaan looks at them. Dhruv says its no use to say all past things, Thapki guessed that as she likes Tajmahal since childhood, and she will remember just Bihaan’s memories. Preeti apologizes. Dadi says Thapki’s team won. They all clap.

Bihan sits thinking and sees Thapki. He checks Dhruv’s message. Dhruv smiles. Bihaan leaves. Dhruv goes to him and asks why did you come here. Bihaan says I m thinking why did I not guess Thapki’s sign when I love her so much. Dhruv says we know each other since long, we did not get married but we are still friends, give some time to yourself and her, don’t think. He leaves.

Dhruv goes to Thapki and gives her an envelope. She asks whats this. Bihaan looks on and says what are they talking, I can’t hear anything. Thapki sees friendship card. She says I hate you, whats all this. He says this is for Bihaan, I know I can win your trust when I do something for you and Bihaan, I just want your love to get strong, give this to Bihaan. He goes.

She says no, this maybe your plan, I will not give this to Bihaan, its hard to trust you. She hides card there and goes. Bihaan checks the friendship card and says its fine, they are friends and that’s why Dhruv gave him this card, but why did Thapki hide this card. Dhruv looks at him. Thapki gets Dhruv’s note to come outside and meet him. She thinks what is Dhruv upto, I have to go and see. Bihaan gets Dhruv’s message and says why is he calling me outside house at this time of night.

Thapki goes out in rain and sees Dhruv’s car. She goes there and sits in the car. Bihaan comes there and sees Thapki. He says why is Thapki going to meet Dhruv. A beggar comes to Bihaan and asks for money. He disturbs Bihaan. Bihaan gives him money and sends him. Bihaan sees Dhruv explaining something to Thapki. Thapki gets down the car and leaves. Dhruv goes to Bihaan. Bihaan asks Dhruv what was all this. Dhruv says nothing. Bihaan says I have seen crying, tell me whats the matter. Dhruv says I will say truth, that’s why I called you here to say, Thapki has some big fear in her heart about marriage, she was crying telling me that, it does not mean she does not want to marry you. Bihaan says but she loves me a lot, you know how she told about her mannat.

Dhruv says she is afraid that’s why she kept that mannat, she is sad and lonely. Bihaan says why did she not tell me, I always ask her to share things with me. Dhruv says you are her love, not her friend, person shares things with friends, you and Thapki did not become friends, you both don’t have that friend’s feeling, I m her friend, she is comfortable to share things with me. Bihaan recalls how Dhruv and Thapki guessed the words. Dhruv says don’t worry, I will make Thapki get rid of this fear, you are my brother, go home now, its late. Bihaan leaves. Dhruv says Thapki, now your and Bihaan’s relation will break. He tears their pic and throws angrily.

Dhruv thanks Shraddha for helping, and says I would have not done this without your help. He kisses her hand and smiles. He says thanks for wearing Thapki’s clothes and getting her back in my life. FB shows Thapki going to Dhruv and asking why did he call her here. Dhruv sees Bihaan and says sorry, I called Shraddha here, and shows Shraddha’s name written on the chit. Thapki leaves till beggar keeps Bihaan busy, and then Shraddha in thapki’s getup sits in the car and cries. Dhruv says very good, you will work for me now. He sends her. Bihaan sees Shraddha and thought she is Thapki. FB ends.

Dhruv says I know Shraddha you have worn Thapki’s clothes and went to hotel. Shraddha asks are you blackmailing me. He says absolutely right, infact if you don’t agree to me, I will expose your plan, you gave money to two men to put Thapki in tree and kill her. She gets shocked. He says I have captured those men, think what to do, you will go from house to jail, you will get punished for attempt to murder, but if anything happens to Thapki, I will hang you. She says I m on your side. He asks her to keep supporting him, if she has to stay awake, now I will do my work being the good guy, I made lightened the spark, I will make this turn to big fire and burn Thapki and Bihaan’s relation, Thapki is mine and will become just mine.

Bihaan goes to Thapki and says I need to talk to you. Thapki goes to Dhruv and scolds him.

Written Update by Amena

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