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Tere Sheher Mein 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Sneha requesting Kaushalya to come and stick with them. Rudra and Kaushalya concur as per their approach. Sneha brings them home and demonstrates the home. She says she’ll clear the home. Kaushalya claims We’ll handle. Sneha states no and cleans the place from the daughters’ support. The girls get exhausted and rest. Jaz suggests I hope they get house shortly, how much time will they stay. Amaya asks why is she stating so. Jaz suggests you’re thinking that Rudra didn’t get any property to stay, what nonsense. Rachita suggests even I did not feel appropriate. Amaya claims They are really Hari’s relatives and he also stayed with us in Mumbai.

Rachita states We’ve grown up infront of childhood, but Rudra and aunty, we will probably be awkward. Amaya says they didn’t arrive, we stopped them, they bought their home to avoid wasting our haveli. She asks Jaz not to tell this to mum, mum is going to be hurt and Rudra and Kaushalya will feel we are not obedient to mum. Jaz says this could be problem for Amaya, as she will’t put on shorter apparel infront of Rudra. Rachita laughs.

Uma is angry and asks Chiklu to obtain food stuff. Mantu arrives household and states he has Significantly perform at Business, He’s hungry and didn’t have foodstuff. She suggests she retained the food items there. He stops her and states he problems for her. He gifts her and asks her to open up and see. She likes the saree. He states its banarasi saree. She asks why did he commit. He suggests you and Chiklu are my family. He suggests he bought order these days and obtained saree for her. She smiles. He suggests she needs to use saree just after marriage, not this denims. She thinks he is screening her and loves her, she will hold out until he realize enjoy for her.

He says he has thought a good deal, he worries a lot for her. She claims she favored it. He states he will get her pic and will get a connect with. He asks her to try the saree in the home and sends her. She many thanks him and leaves. He won’t consider Amaya’s call. Amaya states is he however offended, she’s going to test once more. He says its Completely wrong amount. She states she is familiar with its appropriate selection and needs to speak to him. She asks can he speak to Mantu. He suggests its not Mantu’s range and finishes it.

Rudra talks to Kaushalya and so they mention taking revenge from Mathurs. Sneha will come and they get shocked observing her. Sneha walks to them and claims she is glad observing them connected to Rishi much. She sees Rishi and Hari’s pic. Rudra praises Rishi. Sneha leaves not realizing their performing. Kaushalya states Sneha is so awesome, we can’t explain to him that we would like their haveli, joy, they may have snatched every thing from us, Hari has made me make this happen, I’ll knock off All people who comes in my son’s way. She asks him to examine on Amaya, its to start with day at her Place of work. Rudra states initial day….

Amaya checks couple of dresses and sees Mantu in mirror. She asks for his choice and he chooses just one. She turns and claims he comes and disappears. She suggests she has patience and will encourage him. She claims she has to get up early and places alarm. Its morning, she wakes up late. She doesn’t get h2o and Rudra is in other rest room, throwing away time. Amaya asks him to come fast, she’s obtaining late. She asks him to hurry up. He claims coming, h2o is slow, hold out for a long time. Jaz suggests don’t know why they came here. Rudra will come out and says sorry, I came late, water is sluggish. Amaya goes to washroom. Mukherjee attempts to speak to French shoppers and waits for Amaya. He states she would not value time and gets indignant. Amaya will get ready and Kaushalya stops her as she is undertaking puja. Sneha can make Amaya have curd and sugar and wishes her all the very best. Amaya asks Rachita to present injection to Sneha. Kaushalya helps make her additional late. Rudra states He’ll fall Amaya and takes it slowly by very long route. Amaya says she goes by other route. Rudra states its brief Slash.

Mukherjee tells Manish and Mantu that Amaya has place him in problem. Mukherjee claims he has to talk to French client in fifteen mins, they are able to drop shopper. Rudra stops the bike and she suggests she bought late.

Mukherjee scolds Amaya for coming late and says she will be fired if they lose the client. Amaya says I m really sorry.

Written Update By Prince


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