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Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Leela comes to Guradvarah with Twinkle, she looks at Twinkle and says to her that whatever you decide you about this marriage, i will give your side, if you dont wanna marry Kunj then say no, for me your happiness is most important, i dont think Kunj can stoop so low, i am not saying that you are wrong, maybe someone else did this, i thought to break this marriage but you accepted this proposal infront of media, tell me your decision, Twinkle says i am clear about my decision, i am ready to marry Kunj, Leela thinks and prays to Lord that i dont know what happened last night, i only want Twinkle’s happiness, i am giving everything in your hands, Twinkle prays to lord and says my mother has bear so much pain because me, she is insulted alot thats why i said yes for marriage even after knowing what Kunj did last night, now everything is in your hands.
Manohar is talking to Pinni, he says marriage will happen from Mumbai, he comes to Leela’s house and says to Leela that whatever happened last night, i have no words to say sorry, i know Kunj is not that type of guy, i am not saying Twinkle is wrong, you can punish Kunj but dont break this marriage, this relation is fixed by Lord, Leela says dont worry this marriage will happen, servant brings parcel sent by Anita, there are clothes in it and note from Anita that Twinkle’s clothes got torn last night so she might need clothes, Ramam comes to Anita and says how dare you do this? Anita says i was just trying to give clothes to Twinkle, Leela ask Raman to leave, Anita ask what happened? are you embarrassed? Leela says you have stretched this fight alot, but now my Twinkle is getting married so end this all, live and let us live.
Twinkle is talking on call, Kunj comes there in car and hits her little, he comes out and says i didnt do it deliberately, she says did i ask you? Kunj says i dont wanna talk to you, she says i also dont want to give you importance, she is about to leave but gets hurt on her feet, Kunj sit down and bandages her wound, she says how dare you touch me? Kunj says i would have done same for anyone because of humanity, its my bad luck that you are on otherside.
Yuvi calls Twinkle and ask her to meet him, he says i am waiting, eh ends call, Twinkle thinks that i have decided i will marry Kunj, i have to clear everything from Yuvi and end this chapter.
she comes in hall and tries to go out of house, she leaves house. Twinkle meets Yuvi, he says if you dont marry me then i will send video of us to your mother, he blackmails her and send videos to her, she slaps him, she says if i could i would have told my mother about our relation, you never understand, i thought that after my decision of marrying Kunj you will become fine but no you never respected me, if anything happens to my mother then i will forget that we had relationship, i am going to marry Kunj, its a goodbye, she leaves.

Scene 2

Yuvi comes to his household and suggests Twinkle cant depart me such as this as then my mother will reduce to Leela, i wont Permit her go away so quickly, Anita will come and states we still have opportunity to split their marriage and insult them, he talk to how? she says Nikki Sarna have deliver us invitation to Kunj and Twinkle’s marriage ceremony, Yuvi suggests wow, now we will wipe out their marriage.
Leela is engaged on her mobile phone, Twinkle will come there and ask can i Check out calendar in your phone? Leela offers her cellphone, Twinkle is about to delete video despatched by Yuvi but some simply call arrives so Leela requires phone from her, Twinkle thinks Let’s say she sees video, she talks on simply call, as simply call ends, Twinkle requires phone from her and deletes video clip, she thinks that if i could i would have explained to Leela about my affair, oneday I’ll inform her almost everything.

PRECAP- Marriage features have commenced, Leela’s relatives and Manohar’s relatives are dancing, Anita and Yuvi comes there, Leela says you might be shameless, you came here without having invitation, Anita suggests Sarnas have invited me. Twinkle claims to Kunj that rule no. 1, you won’t loud your tone me, he suggests It’s also wise to not shout, she states rule no. two, dont ever try to the touch me, he says who want to do that.

Written Update By Sahir


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