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Tashan-e-Ishq 27th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kunj comes to girl but its someone else. Twinkle comes to Yuvi’s room, Yuvi opens his shirt’s buttons and asks Twinkle to close them, Twinkle starts closing his buttons when she pricks him with needle on her ring, he screams, she asks what happened? he says nothing, i will close them myself, Twinkle smirks, he closes them, Yuvi drinks wine and says lets have some dance, Twinkle says i will not dance with you, Twinkle thinks that only half hour is remaining for this task then i will need 2more bottles of blood from him and then i will be freed from Yuvi, Yuvi comes closer to Twinkle and grabs her by putting hand on her back and pulls her closer, he touches her arm, she jerks his hand away, Yuvi touches her body and face, is is distraught and uncomfortable, Yuvi pulls her in his arms and hugs her from back, he slowly dances with her, he pins her to wall and comes closer to kiss her lips but she turns away her face and pushes him, she says how dare you? dont forget that i am married, i am here for my husband’s life sake, dont take my helplessness as my weakness as you know what i can do, come tomorrow for blood donation to hospital, task time is finished so i am leaving, she leaves. Yuvi looks at wine glass, he says Twinkle still have same spark, still 2more bottles of blood are needed and till that i will shatter Twinkle’s world.
Twinkle comes to her room, its all dark there, she feel uncomfortable and recalls how yuvi touched her all over, she changes her dress and tears Yuvi’s given dress in anger, she cries silently. Kunj comes in room and sees Twinkle sitting in dark, he asks why its to dark Twinkle? Twinkle says i forgot to switch on lights, how was your meeting? Kunj says it was nice, Twinkle says you should sleep, he have to go to hospital tomorrow. Twinkle throws away dress under bed, Kunj and Twinkle lies on bed, Twinkle thinks that its good, i hided dress before Kunj could see it, i am sorry Kunj for hiding things from you but soon everything will be fine.
Its morning, Usha says Kunj must have given blood today, dont know why this is happening with Kunj, Babee says dont worry, Twinkle is with him and will take care of him, think tomorrow is Kunj’s birthday, we should celebrate and dance, Usha says but your health.. Babee says i am still young, should i show you mu dance moves? they laugh. Kunj comes there and says i received blood today, i just need 2more blood bottles and i will be alright, Babee says now we have more reason to celebrate birthday, Kunj says it would be incomplete without Babee’s dance, Usha says now when you both have decided so i cant do anything, you dont listen to me Kunj, Kunj says i do listen to you and if i dont listen to you then call Twinkle, she will listen to you, Usha laughs, Kunj leaves.

Scene 2
Twinkle sees Yuvi’s dress under bed, she takes it and says i have to hide it before Kunj comes here, Kunj comes there, she hides dress behind her, Kunj makes her put her heart near his heart and says see my pulse is fine then why you are tensed? doctor have said that everything will be fine, since you have got to know about my illness, you are so stressed out, dont worry, lets go down stairs, we are preparing for birthday, he sees Twinkle hiding something behind her, he asks what is in her hands, she says nothing, he sees dress and says its same dress which was given by Mahi? he says dress torn and says so thats why you are worried? dont worry if one dress is torn then other will come, he hugs her, Twinkle thinks i am lying to Kunj so much, i am doing this for him, Kunj thinks that i cant see Twinkle’s sad face, i have to do something so that she doesnt feel bad about dress, Twinkle says lets go downstairs, they start leaving, Twinkle tensely looks at Kunj.
Babee says we should call dance teacher for birthday party, Kunj says i know choreographer, if he is good then we will sign contract with him, Babee says if he is able to make Usha dance then we can sign him for 10years, Kunj says even Prubhu deva cant make Usha dance, they laugh. Anita sees them laughing, she calls Yuvi who is sleeping, Yuvi takes call, Anita says they are enjoying so much, call Twinkle and torture her, Yuvi says i tortured yesterday night, i have plan that will be dangerous for her, i know she must be waiting for my call but let be worried for sometime, i promise you that i will bring such a storm in their lives that their lives will be shaken, Anita smirks and ends call.
Kunj is surfing web, he says internet have made people’s lives easy, i will find dress which Mahi sent to Twinkle, he finds it on website and thinks what size he should order, he says if i give size shorter then she will say that you want me to become slim and if i give her lose dress then she will say that i think her fat, i am dead, i should ask her size directly.
Leela says to Twinkle that how can Yuvi made you do all this? i will set him right, Twinkle says we cant do anything as we need his blood, Twinkle says to Leela that i am worried about fact that Yuvi didnt call me till now, dont know whats going on on his mind, i am worried, what if he tries to hurt kunj? they see Kunj standing on door of room and gets tensed seeing him. someone arrives to sarna house, its Yuvi in different getup.

PRECAP- Yuvi is dancing with Sarna family. Babee likes him, she says i like this choreographer, Yuvi says i have signed contract, now Twinkle and Kunj should sign it to make me official choreographer for their business, he gives papers to them, Kunj and Twinkle signs it without reading. Later Yuvi says to Anita that they dont know what they have signed on, he shows her divorce papers which Twinkle and Kunj signed.

Written Update by Atiba

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