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Tashan-e-Ishq 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
RT asks Leela till when we will have to do this fake play? Leela says only Kunj can tell this, we are doing all this for Twinkle, i trust Twinkle, Anita and Cherry are listening this but phone line gets cut. Leela says to RT that dont know what will happen when Twinkle will know that you are her father.
Anita asks Cherry if he listened their whole conversation? Cherry says no, Anita says your plan was flop, Cherry says it was solid plan, Anita says so should i pray infront of you? what i think is that secret is between RT and Leela but dont know Twinkle’s connection.
RT gets call, Leela stares him, RT says dont look at me like this, i feel very guilty, Leela says have you thought how i bear all this? RT says i dont know what to say to her on call, he has hiccups, Leela says you used to get hiccups when you are tensed, you are still same, you know Twinkle is gone on you, she gets hiccups too.
Twinkle have hiccups, Kunj brings water and instead of giving drinks himself saying its cold here, Twinkle snatches glass from her and drinks water, she says you are very mean, seeing that i have hiccups still you are not giving me water, Kunj says when you are with people then they should be drinking wine to bear you, Twinkle says you like to irritate me but i will not spare you, Kunj asks what she will do? Twinkle says i.. she thinks that i have to be sweet with Kunj to save my marriage, Twinkle says what will i do? nothing, if you want to irritate me then you can, Kunj thinks what happened to her? why she became good goody girl? he asks so you are saying that you lost and i won? Twinkle says yes and thinks that i am ready to lose to you, Kunj thanks her for making him win, Twinkle asks if she can be part of his victory? Kunj says yes, ofcourse without you losing, i cannot win, Twinkle asks if they should go on lunch out? Kunj is surprised and asks Twinkle if she is fine that she is asking him for lunch? Twinkle says i am being mature, Kunj laughs and says you cant become mature, Twinkle gets hiccups again, Kunj leaves, Twinkle drinks water and says i will show him that i have become mature.
RT says to Leela,,
Twinkle says today me and Kunj are going on dinner and i will try to sort out issues with him, Kunj comes there in towel, Twinkle glances at him first but then turns away, Kunj says sorry i forgot that you are in room, he is about to leave but come near Twinkle, Twinkle thinks why he coming near me, Kunj says i forgot clothes, he goes to cupboard, Twinkle doesnt leave chance to get glimpse of him bare clothes, Kunj wipes his hairs, water falls on Twinkle’s face, she looks at him, Kunj looks at her, he comes closer to wipe water off her face but she stops him and wipes it herself, he ays sorry, Twinkle says Kunj you, me and Maya.. Kunj says no you and me are going on dinner, Twinkle says i know Maya is really nice.. she says cockroach, Kunj sees cockroach and hides behind Twinkle, he says lizard(twinkle) was less in my life that you brought this cockroach in dowry too? he asks Twinkle to remove it, Twinkle says why me, you go and shoo him away,
Maya comes there, she is surprised to see them like this, she says i am sorry to come here like this but Kunj you were not picking call, she asks Kunj can he talk to him? Twinkle thinks that Kunj was shy infront of me as he is in towel but he is fine infront of Maya and Maya doesnt have any problem seeing my husband in towel, Kunj goes to change. Maya says to Twinkle that i know you were going out with Kunj but i have to really talk important with Kunj, Twinkle leaves angrily.
RT and Leela are leaving, Twinkle comes there, Leela asks Twinkle that she was going out with Kunj, what happened? Twinkle have hiccups, RT asks Twinkle what is problem? why you are having hiccups? Twinkle stares him, Leela brings water, RT leaves, Twinkle asks Leela how does RT know that when i am stressed only then i get hiccups? Leela says i dont know but what is the stress? Twinkle says nothing, Twinkle gets call from Chinki but she doesnt pick it up. Anita and Cherry are listening all the conversation, Anita says RT and Twinkle both get hiccups when they are stressed, dont know whats the matter.
Twinkle and Chinki are in hotel, Chinki says this Maya have brought divorce thing in your life, they find Maya there, Twinkle says Kunj is not seen, Chinki says its good time, go and talk to her, Twinkle asks what she would say to her? Chinki says she is snatching your husband and you are asking me what to talk to her? go and teach her lesson, Twinkle comes to Maya. Maya says you here? Maya says Kunj is about to come, Twinkle says i wanna talk to you, Maya asks her to sit and talk, Twinkle sits and says you like Kunj right? Maya says yes i like him alot, anyone can like him, Twinkle says i know everything about you, do you think that you are doing right? Maya says i have realized one thing that we should follow our hearts, i am doing same, Twinkle says even if someone else life is destroyed by it? why are you snatching Kunj from me? Maya is shocked, Kunj comes there and says to Twinkle what did you say to her? you have no shame, you pointed at my character that day and pointing at me today also, i thought you would be sensible after that night but you are still same, you say all ill words, Maya says let me clear things to her, Kunj says let it be, she is very childish, he holds Maya’s hand and leaves from there. Twinkle cries and says i was thinking about me, my life and my marriage but didnt think about Kunj, i shouldnt have talked to Maya, if Kunj and Maya likes each other then i wont come inbetween them, atleast then Kunj will realize that i am not child anymore and have become mature, she wipes her tears.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes in room and sadly sit on bed, she recalls Kunj’s harsh words, she says i felt really bad listening Kunj’s words but i can do anything for Kunj, he has always stood with me so now its my turn, if Kunj is happy with Maya then i will free him from my tie and from this marriage so that he remains happy with Maya, she looks at her and Kunj’s marriage picture and cries.

PRECAP- Kunj says to family that Twinkle is mad, she thinks that i am going to divorce her but i cant do it ever, Maya says she gave me bangles and chunri, Babee says this is out daughter in law’s bangles and chunri, Leela says dont know where is Twinkle, Kunj says Chinki must know it. Twinkle is at airport leaving country.

Written Update By Atiba


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