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Tashan-e-Ishq 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Yuvi looks at Twinkle and thinks that Twinkle just see what will happen with you today.
Kunj is taking Twinkle to competition venue, they sit in car, Kunj switches on radio, romantic song plays, Twinkle wipe her tears, Kunj thinks that only this song was needed, he changes song, Sanam re plays, kunj thinks why every channel on radio is playing romantic songs, he stops car, he comes closer to Twinkle, Twinkle closes her eyes, Kunj ties seat belt to her and moves back, he brings Twinkle to competition venue, Twinkle thinks that he didnt talk to me in whole way, she comes out of car and starts leaving but some guys start misbehaving with Twinkle, they eve-tease her, Kunj sees this, he comes there and says because of you guys, girls are afraid, he is about to beat them but guard comes there and takes them, Twinkle asks him to relax, Kunj says i feel like killing them thats why i was telling you to not participate but you have promised to not listen to me so do what you want, he leaves, Twinkle thinks that i know you are hurt but i cant tell you reason why i am doing this, dont fight with me on every small thing, why you are doing this? Yuvi sees all this and smirks.
Twinkle comes in make up room and starts searching for Purvi. Purvi arrives at venue and is meeting some guy, Twinkle is spying on her. Yuvi calls Purvi and tells her something(not shown), Purvi says okay and leaves from there.
Purvi is going somewhere, Twinkle is following her. Twinkle comes to some place, she says where did Purvi go? Twinkle sees people checking her out and girls standing there, Twinkle thinks that this area seems to be some cheap lodge but i have to find Pruvi for my family, she says this place is so gross but dont know where Purvi is, Twinkle sees Purvi coming out of some room, Purvi leaves. Twinkle thinks that Purvi didnt take her bag with her so it might be in her room, i can check her phone there and can delete video with which is blackmailing Manohar.
Twinkle comes in Purvi’s room and finds her phone there but its switched off.
Kunj is going back, he recalls fights with Twinkle and says i get angry on her and also.. whats the need to participate? i am mad to leave her alone there, i am feeling guilty, why i am feeling that something wrong is going to happen? he turns his car back and goes.
A customer comes in room, Twinkle asks who is he?
Kunj comes to competition venue, he asks a guy, guy says she went out sometime back, Kunj calls Twinkle but she doesnt pick up.
Customer says to Twinkle that dont you know why people come here? he starts taking off his clothes, Twinkle says i am not like this, i am here for some other reason. Twinkle calls Kunj and says please save me, i am at this lodge, she says guy is attacking me, Guy takes phone from Twinkle.
Yuvi meets Purvi and says you trapped Twinkle and sent her to lodge, Purvi says some customer must have come there by now, Yuvi says Twinkle will be caught where prostitution happens, she wil be caught in police raid and her respect will be finished, he smirks.
Kunj searches for lodge. Twinkle is fighting with customer, she asks him to leave her, she pushes him. Kunj is near lodge and finding Twinkle. Customer says to Twinkle that i like wild cars, Twinkle grabs him by hair and tries to push him away, customer throws her on bed and is about to come closer but Kunj comes there and is shocked to see all this, Twinkle pushes away customer and hugs Kunj tightly, Kunj gets angry on customer and starts beating him badly, he is about to break bottle on his head but Twinkle shouts Kunj.. Kunj shouts she is my wife, customer runs from there, Kunj covers Twinkle with his jacket, Twinkle looks at him, Sajna ve plays.
Kunj takes Twinkle from that lodge, Yuvi sees this. People are eyeing Twinkle there, Kunj protects her, Yuvi breaks bottle and says i thought police will catch Twinkle and Kunj will realize that his wife was in prostitution area but this Kunj came here too, my plans are failing, i am trying to separate them but they are coming more closer, my all plans are failing.

Scene 2
Kunj brings Twinkle to some place, he starts leaving, Twinkle says i am sorry, i didnt know about that place, i went there because.. Kunj says why did you go there? do you even know what happens there? what if i didnt reach there on time? why you take everything lightly, why are you silent now? you are still not saying anything, why did you go there, tell me.. he says fine dont tell me, you know what Twinkle, i am done with you, Kunj says to Twinkle that i am tired of your secrets and your life, now its enough, i know that we are not like husband and wife but atleast we were friends and used to share secrets but you dont trust me, i wont interfere in your life from now on, from now on you will have your life and i will have my life, we will have different paths, we are done Twinkle, we are over, Twinkle is shocked listening this, yuvi listens all this and smiles evilly. Kunj starts leaving, twinkle says this cant happen, Kunj sits in car, he is hurt too, Do pal ruka plays.. Kun leaves from there, Twinkle stands in middle of road, hurt and tensed.

PRECAP- Twinkle is walking alone on road, she is heart broken. She sits there, someone arrives there in car, Twinkle looks at it.

Written Update By Atiba


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