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Tashan-e-Ishq 20th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Twinkle sees room 209, she finds Kunj there, she thinks that there should have been donor in this room, whats happening, she comes to Kunj, she is tensed, she sees curtain, Yuvi is on bed on the otherside of curtain, Twinkle thinks i should meet donor but i cant go to him like this, i will go there once Dr. Baseem is here. Twinkle says to Kunj that you will be fine. Dr. Baseem comes to Kunj, he says to Twinkle that he is fine, Twinkle says donor is in same room so can i meet him? Baseem says yes, Twinkle goes to otherside of curtain but doesnt find anyone, nurse says he must have gone for ECG, he had chest pain, Twinkle says take me to him, i want to meet him, Nurse says come with me.
Twinkle comes to ECG room, Nurse shows Yuvi to Twinkle, Yuvi has back towards her, Twinkle doesnt see his face, she starts going towards him but strikes with patient, she starts helping, Yuvi turns and Twinkle sees him, she is shocked that he is donor, she turns away before Yuvi can see her face, nurse comes to Twinkle and says did you meet donor? his name is Yuvraj Luthra, lets meet him, Twinkle sees Yuvi and leaves, Yuvi looks here and there.
Twinkle is walking in hospital and recalls how Yuvi tried to kill Kunj and Mahi, she thinks that this cant be possible, i cant Yuvi’s blood for my Kunj.
Doctor meets Yuvi and says you seem fine now, you had chest pain because of food, you are fine now, Yuvi thinks that if i want to stay here then i need to find solid illness, doctor says i need your help, your blood group is bombay blood group, if you give us your blood then i will talk to jailer and he will let you stay here for a while, Yuvi says blood donation is good charity, i am ready to donate blood, ask my mom, she will do formality, doctor says the one who needs your blood, his wife wanted to meet you, i will talk to his doctor now, he leaves.
Twinkle says to Leela that i saw blood donor, Leela says i wish that donor get everything, he must be such nice person, Twinkle says that donor is Yuvi, i cant let Kunj take Yuvi’s blood, Leela says this is strange, dont worry, i have called in other blood banks too, we will soon find another donor, Twinkle says i just hope we find donor soon, you take family to home back, they should not know about Kunj’s illness till we dont find donor. Dr. Baseem comes there and says donor is ready to donate blood, Twinkle says we are not ready to take blood from that donor, Leela says its personal problem, dr says you know Kunj is ill and he can need blood any moment, he needs donor, Twinkle says we are finding another donor, Dr says okay, Twinkle asks Leela to take family back home.
Kunj is getting up from bed, Twinkle comes to him and helps him, Twinkle thinks that if i tell about Yuvi being donor then he will get tensed, i will not tell him, Twinkle asks Kunj to drink juice, he says you seem fine, did you fnd donor? Twinkle says we are trying to find it, we will find him soon, Kunj says you cant lie to me, donor must have denied to give his blood, dont worry we will find donor, small things happen in big countries, Twinkle says enough of heroic dialogues, take rest. Twinkle comes to Nurse and says we asked to change his room, nurse says we dont have any empty room.
Babee says to Leela that Kunj is injured because of me, Leela says why you are blaming yourself? dont worry, everything will be fine, Kunj will be fine and will return home soon too. Leela sees Anita coming there, she thinks that if they see Anita here then it will br problem, i have to do something, she says to Babee and Manohar that we should tell receptionist that we are leaving, she takes them from there before Anita can see them.
Anita comes to Yuvi and says i am happy that you are staying here, Yuvi says i can give many bottles of blood to stay out of jail. Doctor comes to him and says the family who wanted Yuvi’s blood have denied to take his blood, Anita says how can they deny to take my son’s blood? Doctor says we cant force them, Yuvi seems fine so he should return to jail, Anita says tell me about that family, i will talk to them, maybe they will agree to take Yuvi’s blood, doctor says i cant divulge their details as they have denied taking his blood, he leaves. Anita sees file in nurse’s hands, she gives money to nurse and says you work so hard, this is your reward, nurse leaves file there. Anita shows file to Yuvi and says we will get the name of the person who needs your blood then we can convince him, she opens file and is shocked, she thinks that Kunj Sarna needs Yuvi’s blood? Kunj is on otherside of room? she moves curtain slightly and sees Yuvi and Twinkle on otherside of room, she is stunned.

Scene 2
Yuvi asks Anita where did you go? Anita says you know which family needs your blood? the sarna family needs it and Kunj Sarna wants your blood, Yuvi laughs, Yuvi says to Anita that i wont give my blood to that Kunj, let him die, Anita says dont be stupid, if you give your blood to Kunj then you can control Twinkle and have power on her, think about it, she will become your servant when you will do favor, Yuvi says what if they find another donor? Anita says your blood group is rare, it cant be find easily, i will force them so much that they will be forced to take your blood then Twinkle will be your control and you can order her around, Yuvi smirks. Leela calls Twinkle, Twinkle says please find donor soon, Leela says i am finding him, Leela asks if she met Anita? Twinkle says no i have avoided her, i just want to find donor, once blood will be given to Kunj, we will leave from here then, she turns to find notice on wall, she says to Leela that i will call you later. She reads notice, it says that if anyone needs bombay blood group then call me on given number, name is Mehreen from City hospital. Twinkle says thank you Lord. Anita gives money to nurse and picks call from reception, Twinkle calls donor’s number, Anita picks call and says in different voice that i am Mehreen speaking, Twinkle says i want bombay blood group for my husband, your notice said that you can donate it, Anita says yes meet me in room 19, bring your husband to that room, we will do what we can for him, Twinkle says okay i will come.

PRECAP- Anita says to Yuvi that i am your mother, i plan everything fully. yuvi and Anita dresses in burqas. Twinkle and Kunj comes there, Twinkle says to Yuvi that sister i cant thank your enough, i want to hug for giving blood to my husband, Anita says in shrill voice that she(Yuvi) is shy, you can hug me instead of her, she asks Kunj to sit, Kunj is stunned that she knows his name.

Written Update by Atiba

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