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Swaragini 7th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Uttara accepting to have kidnapped Ragini. Everyone is shocked. Dadi comes and tells Durga Prasad that his family have accused her daughters, and even sent them to jail. She says your daughter has done a big crime and got only a slap. Sujata says my daughter can’t do anything wrong. Dadi taunts her for sending chudail to kill Swara. Sujata says your daughters are not purely good. Durga Prasad asks Dadi to stop it and says he can feel how she is feeling. He says there are good and bad people in the world. He says Uttara did wrong and has broken my trust. He says Ragini has the right to decide Uttara’s punishment, and says he is ready to call Police. Ragini says no, and says may be I am responsible for the hatredness which Uttara have for me. She says I don’t want to file any police complaint, and asks Uttara that she would have told her about the hatredness in her heart. Laksh looks on.

Sanskar feels bad. Swara comes. Sanskar says I don’t believe that Uttara can do such a thing. She was always nearer to Laksh. Swara says I came to see you. Sanskar says just because Uttara accepted her crime, I was out of your doubt. Swara says I came to talk to you. Sanskar says we have no relation now and asks her not to talk to him. Swara asks her not to turn his face from her. Sanskar says I thought we have trust relation, and says I will answer you.

He says I am not fool to use same drug on Ragini. He says he went to that road as he came to know about the big accident there, but couldn’t find Ragini there. He says I burnt that blanket so that Police couldn’t get any proof against you as I can’t see you in pain. Swara apologizes to him and asks for forgiveness. Sanskar says not today, and says you have lost my trust…..This relation is of no use without trust. Swara cries…….. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays…………..

Dadi comes to Swara’s room and asks where is Ragini’s medicine. Swara tells about its address and says she will bring juice for her. Annapurna tells Sujata that Uttara has accepted to have kidnapped Ragini. Sujata says I don’t agree and tells that Uttara herself is scared of darkness and would never dig the land and keep Ragini under ground. Swara thinks why Uttara didn’t defend herself and accepted the crimes so easily.

Swara comes to Laksh’s room. Laksh hides her hand’s wound and acts to wear her shirt. Swara apologizes and turns her face. She says she thought Uttara is hiding someone’s mistake. Laksh says she has accepted her crime. Swara says yes, and says atleast Ragini’s doubt is cleared now. Later Laksh tells Uttara that Swara has a doubt that you couldn’t do anything alone. Uttara says I helped you in this kidnapping as Ragini entered your life forcibly, and then troubling you, Sanskar and Swara. She says I didn’t take your name as Durga Prasad would have given you a tough punishment. Laksh hugs and thanks her. Uttara says I love you both (brothers) and can do anything. Laksh thanks her.

Swara recalls Sujata’s words and says Uttara can’t do this alone. She thinks Uttara is covering up someone’s act and thinks to look out for that nail marks on her hand. Dadi gives medicines to Ragini and says she is going to Baadi. She says Swara will come to give you juice. Laksh thinks he has to do something to Ragini and thinks everything have not happened as per plan. He thinks Swara and Ragini are together even now. Just then electricity goes off. Swara thinks to light the candle.

Doctor informs Durga Prasad that Annapurna got a mild heart attack. Dadi asks Durga Prasad to handover his property and wealth to Ragini. Durga Prasad folds his hands and agrees to give his wealth, property, home and keys to Ragini, and declares her as head of the family. Ragini gets a make over and says she will write Maheshwari family destiny.

Written Update By H Hasan


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