Swaragini 25th July 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Swaragini 25th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shekhar, Dadi, Ragini, Swara, Sanskar and Laksh bringing Sumi to hospital. Shekhar assures her that nothing will happen. She is taken to the OT. Sanskar gets Durga prasad’s call. He informs him that Sumi is taken to OT. Dadi tells Shekhar that she will visit temple. Doctor comes out of OT. Shekhar asks if Sumi is fine? Doctor says she is fine. Swara asks about baby. Doctor lowers his head and says I am sorry, I couldn’t save your baby. Ragini cries hearing that. Swara is in shocked. Doctor says that her 7th month was completed and she fell badly. Ragini cries and tells Laksh that we have done so much for this baby, but couldn’t save him. Laksh also cries.

Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to be there and if needed then call him. He informs everyone that Sumi is fine, but baby couldn’t be saved. Sujata says may be that baby’s life is this much. Annapurna feels bad for baby. Shekhar, Swara and Sanskar come inside the ward. Shekhar says Mishti……Sumi opens her eyes and says Shekhar….our son…she starts crying badly hugging him. Sanskar hugs Swara and gets teary eyes. Nurse informs Dadi that baby is premature, but a son. She asks do you really want to do this. Dadi gives her money and asks her to make the baby quiet. Dadi says I don’t care and says nobody should know that he is alive. Nuse takes him away. Dadi recalls and a fb is shown. Dadi makes Sumi slip as she pours water on the stairs. Sumi falls. Dadi says I have taken my revenge, my lado have suffered so much because of you, but now you will suffer all life and will not see face of your son. She says Parvati Gadodia takes revenge with interest. fb ends.

Swara gets Ragini’s call and comes to know that they will be reaching soon. Swara says okay. She recalls Ragini telling that Sumi wanted to abort baby due to pressure from everyone, but I didn’t want her to lose baby. Swara opens the door. Shekhar brings Sumi home along with Laksh and Ragini. Swara asks Shekhar to take her to room and says she will bring milk. Dadi says I will light lamp in the temple and says nobody can change the happening/destiny. She says thank God, Sharmistha is fine. Swara and Ragini looks on.

Laksh asks Ragini or Swara to stay with Sumi at night. Ragini says I will stay with her. Swara says she needs much time to get over this. Ragini says if I am here then she couldn’t forget it. She says how to go back home, everyone hates me. Laksh says not all, I love you more than everybody. He asks her to come home and says everything will be fine. Shekhar comes and says I will drop you outside. Ragini asks Swara to take care of mum and hugs her cryingly. They leave. Sanskar hugs Swara and asks her to cry if she wants. Swara asks him to take care of Ragini. Sanskar says we will win too. He asks her to take care of Sumi. Dadi thinks nobody knows about this inauspicious baby and everybody will move on in life, and my revenge will be fulfilled. Nurse sells the baby to lady beggar and says baby is premature, if you goes to beg with this baby then you will get more money. lady beggar buys the baby and gives money. A neighbor comes and asks Sujata and Annapurna, if they pressurized Ragini to have a baby so that she acted. Sujata says we need to go out.

Ragini comes just then with Laksh and Sanskar. Neighbor asks Ragini not to act again and says she has make her mum in laws understand. Ragini says I know what they are talking about. Sujata asks where is Swara? Sanskar says I left her at Sumi’s place. Sujata asks why did you leave her. you must have left Ragini there. Ragini goes cryingly. Laksh says even I am equally responsible with her. Annapurna asks Sujata not to react.

Ragini tells Laksh that everyone is comparing her with Swara and says she couldn’t bear anymore. She asks if nobody will understand me….Laksh. Later Sumi hears baby’s cries. Dadi calls Nurse and asks to drop baby to such place, from where he couldn’t return. She turns and sees Shekhar standing.

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